Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


While we were at Redcliffe on Sunday we visited the markets on the edge of the bay.

There were a variety of stalls.

One stall was selling Bonsai trees, as I took the shot of the tree I noticed the amorous couple on the beach in the background. I thought it looked like they were under the tree.

Then we came upon these gorgeous dogs. They were not for sale just visiting. The little girl found someone with the same hair colour.

I didn't quite hear the name of the breed but they are a type of German mountain dog.

The bridges  in yesterday's post are on the map below in the middle at the top near Clontarf. If you move the map you will find Redcliffe a little north and Brisbane a little south. I'm not sure that Google Maps have got it right where they have printed Coral Sea it should be Moreton Bay. The Coral Sea is further north.

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  1. Welll done ... when I saw the title I thought how on earth can people kiss under a bonsai but you've proved it can be!

  2. Love Redcliffe and LOVE the dogs. Enjoy following along with the picture story Diane

  3. Oh- thr bonssi tree shot is amazing! You should enter it into some contest would surely win! Love the dogs..magnificent!

  4. Oh---I thought I was going to see a picture of you and Bill kissing under the Bonsai tree!!!!! Darn---go back and get someone to take your pictures there.... ha ha

    Looks like there were some fresh veggies and fruits at that market... Did you buy any????

    Beautiful pictures, Diane.

  5. Ah ... that map helps a lot. Taa ...

    I imagine that dog breed might get a bit hot in summer up there.

  6. You are 100% correct Diane. The Coral Sea is just south of Papua New Guinea - where the big sea battle was fought in WW2. It is Moreton Bay that should be written.
    The Hornibrook Bridge and the other bridges shown yesterday are not over the Brisbane River, but the Pine Rivers where they go into the bay. The Brisbane river flows into the ocean south of the airport.

  7. The picture of the couple "under" the bonsai is great! Sometimes you just never know what gems you'll get with a photo. I never delete directly off my camera for just that reason. When you pull it up on a full screen, you see things that surprise you! Nice job!

  8. I believe the dog is a Bernese Mountain dog. One of the artists I knew at University of Memphis had one of these, and used to bring it to our digigal art class.

    He took up with me, and the artist said he wanted to come to the class after it was over. I loved this beautiful dog.

  9. Gorgeous dogs, pretty little girl too. And the stolen kiss is such a good catch.

  10. Great capture of the kiss under the tree. Neat Bonsai tree and composition. I just love those dogs Diane. They have such cute faces. Wonderful photos!

  11. Great capture of the kiss under the tree. Neat Bonsai tree and composition. I just love those dogs Diane. They have such cute faces. Wonderful photos!

  12. Love places like this -- part of the fun is people-watching and you are so great at that! (Well, you know what I mean -- I do an OK job 'watching'-- I just don't do so well taking pictures of them.) Thanks for sharing the tour!

  13. This picture is really a gorgeous shot ! so spontanious !
    Love these kind of dogs they look like big teddy bears. The market too looks nice for a walk !

  14. Lovely pics - I do love the dog pics very much. Esp the one with the dog looking straight at the camera.

  15. Wow the shot with the couple kissing under the bonsai observant...