Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Our village Social Director organised a lunch for those interested at the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant at Cleveland Point. Thirty-nine of us put our hand up to go. We filled our two buses and some of us carpooled the extras. We filled three long tables on the deck overlooking Moreton Bay. Unfortunately it was low tide and it is not so pretty. It was lovely in the fresh air, which was fairly cool in the shade but very warm in the sun. Such is Queensland's winter. The meals were all brought out together which is a plus and they were very tasty.

The view from the deck of Moreton Bay.

The deck

Our crowd.

My friend had lobster mornay.

Bill and I had crab and lobster risotto.

Our table, I have a navy jacket on.

Saturday, August 27, 2022


Every second Friday I attend the village Art Group. Last Friday we didn’t dabble in paint but went on an excursion to GOMA  (Galley of Modern Art) to see the exhibition by Chiharu Shiota called ‘The Soul Trembles’. ‘The Soul Trembles’ highlights twenty-five years of Chiharu Shiota’s artistic practice. She’s renowned internationally for her transformative, large-scale installations constructed from millions of fine threads that cluster in space or form complex webs that spill from wall to floor to ceiling. Shiota’s beautiful and disquieting works express the intangible: memories, dreams, anxiety and silence.(Taken from GOMA’s web page.)

I think the key word here is disquieting. In my opinion some of her work was beautiful and complex in construction but some of her work was a bit weird and off putting. One of our members, Louise, organised the trip. She booked us in for a guided tour and lunch. We carpooled to Springwood bus station and caught the bus to the gallery. We had a great day even though it was sometimes like herding cats to find everyone for lunch and catching the bus home. 

'Uncertain Journey.' There are some black wire boats with red wool woven up to the ceiling.

'A Question of Perspective.' Hundreds of A4 sheets suspended amongst a forest of dangling black ropes. A desk and chair.

'Accumulation: Searching for the Destination.' A collection of old suitcases suspended on red ropes. Some of the cases had a motor inside which made the cases move up and down and side to side.

'In Silence' burnt piano and chair covered in black thread woven all over the room . It represents a fire the artist experienced.(photo from GOMA web site)

Oops didn't get the name of this one but it is a collection of window frames. She was inspired by the architecture in East Germany.

This was one of my favourites lots of boats suspended from the ceiling going on a journey with black threads hanging from the ceiling. Ooops didn't get the title.

An interesting window in the gallery.

There was so much to see, too much to include here. Then we walked outside to the cafe and had lunch with a view of the river and our beautiful city. It is winter but the day time temps are quite warm.

Thursday, August 25, 2022


 Although it is cold today there is a glimmer of spring coming in the gardens of our village. Unfortunately I'm hopeless at remembering or even learning the names of flowers sorry about that.


Lavender with bee




Our pool has the cover on because it is too cold for swimming even though it is a heated pool.

Most people in our street have a bird on their mailbox. Mine got faded in the weather but one of our artistic residents repainted it for me.

Sunday, August 21, 2022


I haven't blogged for over a month but I'm back. I am okay but I have been scanning more photos and writing another book on my life story. It sort of took up all my spare time in between other activities that I participate in the village: yoga, lunches, exercise class, lunches, art class, lunches, forest walks, barbecues and newsletter committee.

For this month's village dinner the theme was The Great Gatsby Night. It was a Birthday Party for our Managing Director, Chiou See. She hired a Jazz Band and a dance floor to put onto the carpet in the community centre. She asked people to dress up in 1920 outfits. Everyone did so and it was a very colourful night. It was also two other residents birthdays so they had a good celebration as well. The lights were down low for ambiance but it was hard to get good photos.

Our Managing Director Chiou See and our Residents Chairperson, Ian. 

Mary and Karen also celebrated their birthdays.

We had a good night.

We sat with our friends, Eddie and Karen.

Another Diane and Bill live in our village.

My gorgeous neighbour, Louise.

Margaret is our volunteer Social Director.

Chiou See ended the night on a roll.