Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, July 10, 2022


We were so lucky with the weather when we spent a week at the beach with our family for my 80th birthday celebration last month.

It was warm on our balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean in winter.
Banjo was enjoying the sun too. I had promised to take him to climb up to the lookout at North Burleigh Beach because the day before Fox climbed up the cliff face from the beach but Banjo didn't do it because I called them back as we had to get back for a lunch date with friends. But Fox, 12 going on 20, kept climbing up to the top.

So off Banjo and I went through the park where he said,  "C'mon Grandma let's do some exercises."

Then we walked up the steep pathway to the look out, where Fox had climbed up the cliff from the beach yesterday.
The views were to die for. This is looking south. We were going to walk back along the beach to our unit.

Looking north towards Surfers Paradise and its jungle of towers.

In the afternoon Banjo helped Aunty Carol make a Swiss plaited bread called Züpfe.

Next morning we had it for breakfast with cheese and jam.

While Banjo was cooking Fox said, "C'mon Grandma play tennis with me please." So I got plenty of exercise while I was with them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Our first day at the beach came to an end with a beautiful sunset. We were at Burleigh Beach, which is less built up than Surfer's Paradise where you can see the jungle of towers. 

The next morning the sun rises over the sea and blinds us with its brightness.

We went down to the beach where Bernie and Sonya built me a sand bed and made sure the old lady was comfortable.

I had a good view of the boys playing on the sand.

Fox was writing a message for me in the sand in very big letters so that I could see it from the balcony of our apartment.
It say Happy Birthday Di. He couldn't fit Diane because some people were sitting in the way.

Then the boys and I walked to the rocky outcrop. Naturally they loved climbing all over them. It was a nice time together since I haven't seen them in the flesh for two years.

When we returned to the apartment that evening I could see Fox's message in the sand.

Friday, July 1, 2022


 I can't believe that I turned 80 last week. Time sure creeps up on you. Anyway I had a lovely time. My two daughters and families came from Sydney and Melbourne to be with us. They also booked the penthouse unit at The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads Beach for five days for all of us.

Firstly, though I had a party here in the village Community Centre. Carol and Bill made dessert and my village friends helped me set up and clean up. I had the local Thai Restaurant provide the lunch.

Daisy Thai provided six bowls of delicious bites.

Carol cooked a birthday cake

Banjo, Sonya, moi, Bill, Carol and David. Unfortunately, Sonya's husband, Bernie and eldest son Fox had to postpone their flight until the next day due to Fox having an earache.

There were forty guests and Bill made a keynote presentation of photos of my eighty years of life and projected it onto onto the screen.

The next day we went to the coast and moved into the 25th floor. Bernie and Fox joined us too.
That night Bernie cooked us a delicious birthday dinner.

The next day we went for a walk along the beach to a rocky outcrop. Carol and David did a spot of painting. They do this at all the places they visit as well as taking photos. At the top of the rocks there is a lookout, which is accessed from the road side.

A tourist and a bird looking over the ocean.

Caught him in the middle.

While looking at this scene of families enjoying the sun and sea made me realise how lucky we are to have winters this warm.

Carol's painting.
David's painting