Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 26, 2021


Luckily our state border opened on the 13 Dec. So Carol and David were allowed to come from NSW to visit us for Christmas but they had to get a negative test and apply for a border pass before crossing the border. Then they needed another negative test five days after arriving here. Anyway they made it and we have been so happy to see them and have them stay with us. They also go over to the other side of Brisbane and stay with David's parents for a while too. 

Carol has become interested in baking bread and cakes, which is unusual because they don't eat a lot of carbohydrates, always watching their weight and fitness. However, she has enjoyed cooking Swiss Züpfe, a type of butter bread. She has also made Bernese Lebkuchen, which is gingerbread.

We celebrate on Christmas Eve like in Switzerland. The young ones like this so that they can go to their English and Australian families to celebrate on Christmas Day.

For our meal we had a traditional Australian fare. Prawns, Moreton Bay Bugs, potato salad, bean salad and Russian Salad. Bill showed Carol how to bake buns made from flour and yoghurt. It was followed by Carol's trifle and lebkuchen.

Carol making Züpfe.

Eating Züpfe for breakfast.

Christmas Eve dinner


Then it was present time.

The next day the young ones went to celebrate Christmas Day with David's parents. We went to Christmas lunch in the community centre. Our Managing Director and her partner cooked lunch for all the residents, who couldn't have lunch with their family for some reason. That was so generous and thoughtful of them. There were 23 of us and we had a lovely time.

Managing Director, Chiou See and Brendan.

Thursday, December 23, 2021


 It is so good to have Carol and David visit for Christmas. Unfortunately Sonya, Bernie, Fox and Banjo couldn't come this year as they just moved into their new house and renovations are still in progress. David enjoys cooking and he is the cook in their family. He was happy to take over our kitchen and cook for us. He made some interesting dishes.

He doesn't plate up for us because he knows there are some high fibre foods that I cannot eat, like asparagus,  due to a bowel problem. Salmon with pasta, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus and onions.

With cheese, basil and chili to add.

Followed by apricot pie cooked by Bill and Carol.

Another day he cooked us salmon with roasted Cauliflower florets and leaves with pomegranate, walnuts and currants garnished with coriander.

We are so lucky to have him cook for us. All they ask for is to have the air conditioning turned onto freezing. After they have spent winter in Tasmania and Victoria they are not used to Queensland's tropical heat.
We finished of with banana bread cooked by Carol. Another delicious meal.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


Once a year we usually have street parties. Ours was this week. We were celebrating that every home in our street has been sold now. We set up tables and we bring chairs, food and drinks and settle down for a chat. It so happens that Carol and David arrived today after they got over the border faster than originally thought. So Carol came with us to the street party but she was apprehensive because we were not wearing masks but we did try to distance ourselves and we were outside, sitting and eating. Not many cases were recorded so far. Masks are not mandatory yet but they are in NSW where Carol has come from.

Danny and Bill enjoy discussing English movies and making videos.

So good to see her again.

Monday, December 13, 2021


Our friends Val and Peter have done a few tours with the Fun Over Fifty tour company and they were invited on a day tour including Christmas lunch and show at a Gold Coast Hotel. Val asked if we would like to accompany them so off we went for another Christmas party. 

We went Gold Class

Today Queensland Government opened our border to other states including NSW and VIC, where there is Covid in the community. In QLD we haven't had cases in the community for months and months and it has been wonderful to be able to enjoy life without too many restrictions or fear. However, even though 90% of us have been vaccinated and people can't come over the border without testing negative, we are still concerned the virus will arrive, especially on the Gold Coast where most of the visitors are heading. So I wore a mask in the bus. It was a tricky decision to open up QLD. We would have liked to stay free of Covid but business was suffering and many Queenslanders were waiting to come home after getting caught in other states when the borders closed, as well as it now allows friends and relatives to visit each other, which means our daughters can come to see us in real life instead of on video link.

There were two bus loads and we stopped in a park for morning tea.

The entertainment was okay but not as good as our previous party at the City Hall, where we paid only $5 compared to today when we paid $130. The meal was underwhelming too but we were with our friends, who are good company.

However, many seniors enjoyed it, dancing in a conga line to the music following one of the tour company's employees.

Sunday, December 12, 2021


Every year the residents' Social Committee organise a Christmas Party for residents only. They hire a caterer and entertainment. We all had good fun. We were lucky to draw out a table number the same as our friends Robyn and Rob, Margaret and Sue.

Checking off names and choosing a table number out of the bag.

Our friends Caren and Eddie with Betty.

New residents, John and Linda are friends of Robyn and Rob.

Volunteer nannette makes cocktails in the bar

The oldies still have it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Our friends , Val and Peter, who live in Brisbane asked us to accompany them to the Lord Mayor's Christmas Party at the City Hall. It cost five dollars for refreshments and a show. There were lots of seniors there and we enjoyed it except the air conditioning nearly froze us.The staff were dressed as Christmas Characters.
Outside the City Hall stands the Christmas Tree in King George Square.

In the foyer we were entertained by a live Christmas Tree.

Inside the hall we were greeted by baubles, a gingerbread man and an elf.

Soon we were fed and the show began.

Two hours later the finale. 

Monday, December 6, 2021


On the first weekend in December the residents of our village turn on their Christmas Lights and invite family and friends to stroll around the streets and enjoy the spectacle. Afterwards we all meet in the community centre for drinks, carols and a chat. 

This year our walk was disrupted by a storm. Everyone had to run for cover, which was sad. However, Bill and I continued our walk the next evening.

We set off from our unit.

Our next door neighbour and his granddaughter.

There were quite a few visitors  and some children had baskets of chocolates to give out to passers by.

The sky started to look ominous and not long after it poured down.

The next night the skies were kinder.

The village looked really pretty.