Brisbane, QLD

Friday, February 24, 2023


So proud of Bill. He reached eighty last Monday. Over the years he has had some serious health issues including heart attacks and now heart failure. So he has done well to keep on kicking along. We had a party to celebrate his achievement. We booked the village community centre and our daughters and families flew from Melbourne to help organise the show. They did a wonderful job and so too did my village friends who all pitched in and helped clean up.
Sonya and Bernie set up the room and decorated the tables. Bill made a Keynote Presentation of photos of his eighty years of life, Carol baked the birthday cake and made a grazing platter for each table. I had organised the local Thai Restaurant to deliver the food.
The photo is the handsome boy I married, can't believe he is 80.

He enjoyed catching up with old friends.

Sonya and Fox meet our new friends.

Jo and Keith were our neighbours before we moved into the village. Sylvia and Rene are Swiss friends we met in 1970 on a ship that they were migrating on and we were returning from a world trip.

New friends from the village.

More village friends.

Banjo watches Bill blow out the candles.

The best friends ever, clean up and wash up after 45 people. We are lucky to have a 90 second commercial dishwasher in the community centre kitchen. 

Six extra people fitted into our three bedroom apartment. They were here for four nights. It was fun being surrounded by family when we don't see them very often but it was a chaotic, noisy, exciting time. However, we are happy to be back to our slow, quiet life now.

We didn't have to do anything while they were here. They cooked and cleaned up and entertained us with games of Articulate.

The last morning they were here was a dash to get ready to go to airports, Coolangatta and Brisbane. We only had a few minutes for a last minute photo of us all. Who knows when we'll all be together again. I love our little family!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Yes I'm a bit out of date with my topic. We've been a bit busy this month with organising Bill's 80th birthday party. (Next Post). But first, we had our village monthly dinner last Wednesday with a Valentine theme.
We had a romantic French Menu, which I ruined by folding it up to bring it home. The food was delicious.

The Rochedale State High School catering students once again have come to help and learn. This is the first time for this new Year Twelve intake of students. They did a great job.
Our Residents Chair, Ann, is also the leader of the Dinner Committee. They organise our dinners and guest speakers. This is Craig Zonka, the ABC Radio Breakfast announcer. He gave an interesting talk on how he left Law and became a journalist He told us of all the places he has visited and people he has interviewed. He was full of beans and entertaining.

The students delivering the delicious dessert, while a teacher supervises.

We forgot to get a photo of ourselves so you get one of our friends, Rob and Trish. I take photos of village events for the newsletter and wall posters.

At the end of the night our Chairperson always thanks the students, the teachers, the chef and his helper.

Then we take it in turns, street by street, to wash up in a 90 second commercial dishwasher and clean the kitchen. We fold up the tables and stack the chairs in the store room and vacuum the floor. Those over 80 are exempt. The students don't do it because their parents pick them up at 8:30 to go home to do their homework and get ready for another school day.

Thursday, February 16, 2023


 I've often posted about my morning walks in the forest but there is a new track now which we explored this week. Our usual tracks had been closed off by the rangers because they were burning the undergrowth to try to lessen the risk of bush fires. However, we noticed the the new "Tree Discovery Track" was open. It is much longer than the original one but my walking buddies and I enjoyed it. We meet every morning at 6:30 in the forest except for Saturday and Sunday. We always let Helen in front because she is the youngest, fastest and tallest so she can knock down the spider webs crossing the track.

While walking through the village I heard a rustle in the garden and then this huge lizard ran up a tree. It is called a  Lace Monitor or Tree Goanna. Then I walked into the forest to meet the others.

Here is the new track.

It winds up hills.

and down hills. Joan is saying don't take us, take the gully. They hate me taking their photos.

The gully

On the home run.

Monday, February 6, 2023


 For those who have followed me for years (thank you), they might remember that I was writing "My Story". I was scanning photos from my many photo albums putting a story with them and publishing them on my blog and then into books for my children and grandchildren. However it has been a long time since I last posted a "My Story" entry. I have picked up again and been scanning like mad. That's why I haven't been posting often lately. So with the risk of boring the pants off you I'm going to continue with "My Story" here. If you want to read previous posts they are on my side bar.

Back in 1983 we were living in a small house in Springwood with the girls who were eleven and nine. My brother, wife and son lived in England. In 1983 my brother, David came to visit us for Christmas. He flew into Sydney and visited our mother and aunt, who lived together. He hired a car and drove them to Brisbane so we could all be together for Christmas, except for his wife, Ann and son, Michael who stayed in England. 

We visited the Art Gallery

We played in the swimming pool. David found it hot after coming from an English winter.

Christmas dinner with most of  my family, first time in ages. I can't believe Bill didn't put a shirt on and I didn't make him. What bogans we were!

Opening presents time.