Brisbane, QLD

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Grey Day in the Sunshine State

There is a saying about the great Queensland weather:  "Beautiful one day and perfect the next." Well it wasn't happening last weekend. It was grey and cold...well 18*C/65*F...thats cold for us. We went to Redcliffe to have a look at the new bridge from the Brisbane suburb of Brighton to the Redcliffe suburb of Clontarf crossing Bramble Bay which is part of Moreton Bay.
There are now three bridges next to one another crossing the bay. See to the left is the old wooden Hornibrook Bridge, to the right is the new  Ted Smout Bridge and we are on the Houghton Highway Bridge.

The old wooden Hornibrook Bridge was built in 1935 and named after the engineer in charge. It is the 2nd longest wooden bridge in the world. (2.8k/1.7m) It will be demolished this year except for 100 metres, which will be kept for recreation and fishing. 

The Houghton Highway concrete viaduct in the middle will be renovated and will carry the northern bound traffic. This bridge was a disaster from the beginning. It was built in 1979 and was already too small for the volume of traffic when it opened. It dips in between every support and makes for a rough roller coaster ride. It was named after the local member of parliament who resigned before the bridge opened. For years there was dicussion on how to improve the bridge. Finally a new one was opened this month. 

The Ted Smout Bridge is named after Queensland's last surviving WW1 veteran who lived locally but died in 2004. It is strong enough to withstand cyclones and is the longest bridge in Australia at 2.74 k/1.7 m.

While in Redcliffe we walked out onto the renowned Redcliffe Jetty.  The bathing pavilion was built at the entrance to the jetty in 1937.

The first jetty was built in 1885 where convicts were unloaded to build the Redcliffe settlement which was to become the main town but later the Brisbane River site was preferred. The jetty was renewed in 1922 and again in 1999.

It was a bit breezy and cold out here amongst the forest of blue light posts so we turned around, walked across the road into a sheltered coffee shop. 

Many still enjoy outdoor eating in winter.

The day didn't get any brighter so we headed for the car. I spotted this pelican preening on a light post but Bill wasn't too impressed as it was.......

....right above our car. It even provoked Bill into a run to move the car before it was bombed.

Then we travelled home on the brand new bridge which carries the south bound traffic. We made it before the rain which was only a light shower anyway.


  1. I remember driving across the Hornibrook bridge as a child and was impressed by it. Brisbane is certainly filling up and needing lots of new roads.

  2. Our winter weather here is not the usual either ... while it's not cold (it never really is up here in winter) we've had so many overcast dreary winter days ... I think it's some sort of record!!!!

    Haven't been to Redcliffe since we lived down in Brissie back in the early 90's ... I don't think I'd recognise any of this now!

  3. I just linked over to your blog and am finding it quite interesting! I'll be back to read more soon, but have "followed" so that I can easily find you again!

    I am a novice (very!) photographer and am interested especially in your photos! Stunning!

  4. OH the pelican is too funny! And I am glad they are re-doing the poorly designed bridge... I'm sure it will make everyone feel safer. I had to laugh at 65 being cold. That is the perfect temp for me. Just cool enough to wear jeans and need a light sweater on ones arms. How I would love a 65 degree day right about now, as we swelter through this hot, muggy summer!

  5. Your photos look like Belgian beach in summer, lol ! We too have 18°C today ! Your red car is perfect for the Ruby Red meme, I hope you participate, you can post the same car in different places, with our without bird poop.

  6. Great pictures of the 3 bridges... I think it's neat that they are leaving part of the old bridge there for fishing and recreation... That is NEAT.

    Not sure I'd want to be named a Houghton ---if that bridge is such a disaster... ha ha (Oh Well---A bridge will never be named after me anyhow---so why am I complaining???? ha)

    Glad you made it home before the rain... Looks like you were driving RIGHT into a big storm...

    I'd love 65 degrees right about now HERE... ha


  7. We've got a grey day today but it's like a blanket. However, nice not to have the sun bearing down so hard.

  8. I gather from other blogs that Brissie is awash with bridges, some vehicular and others pedestrian. I did not realise the river was so wide or is that only down at Redcliffe?

  9. Great pics the pelican and the red car beneath is a great

  10. Oh -- I'm so glad to hear you're surviving that terrible winter there ;>)..... and I must say that your gray skies still look pretty blue to me. Fun daytrip -- thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you for the cool weather experience. Feels good in this hot weather.

  12. Very funny about the Pelican above the car! ha ha ha....

  13. Thank you for an interesting glimpse at your part of the world! I notice that pelicans the world over love to sit atop the highest light poles they can find...they do that here in Long Beach too. But ours are gray pelicans, not white ones.