Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Last weekend my daughter and SIL gave us a weekend away for my birthday. We flew to Sydney where they picked us up at the airport and drove us to Bowral in the Southern Highlands just south of Sydney. They had booked us into the Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa. It was a beautiful 'old world' hotel.
In 1910 the country house was part of a top cattle breeding stud owned by Anthony Horden. It changed hands a few times and was converted into a hotel in 1983. Now it is owned by the consortium,  Yufan Australia. The buildings and gardens have been renovated and it is now a 5 star hotel. The rooms, service and food were excellent.

The entrance to the hotel.

Part of the hotel from the gardens.

When we arrived it was off to the Spa for a massage. It was a special building in the grounds which had the spa, massage rooms and a huge gymnasium.

Walking back to the hotel in the evening was very pretty with many of the bare trees lit up. Then David drove us to a nice Italian Restaurant in town for dinner.

Back at the hotel we relaxed in one of the many lounges in front of the fire.

 The next morning we had breakfast here in the Orangerie Restaurant and then we went exploring the huge gardens.

First we had a peek into the French Pool House.

It was very warm inside but still not enough for me anyway I didn't take swimming costumes or togs as we say in Queensland.

 The gardens

 Carol reminded me that the gardens looked so much better in Spring rather than now in winter. The Wisteria was having a winter nap.

This lovely fountain, just outside our window, came from a park in Paris.

After the stroll through the gardens Carol and David took us for a drive around the district (next post).

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Our friend Chris had a birthday recently and we were invited to celebrate at their new place in the country. After they spent some years travelling around Australia in a caravan, they have now decided to settle down again in a small country town about three hours drive from here.

They have a big block of land with a huge tree, sheds and a cute little house. Wallabies visit everyday too.

Chris and Helen went on a tour to Western Australia a few weeks ago. While on that tour Chris was very brave and went on an excursion where you snorkel on the Nigaloo Reef and swim with the largest fish in the world, a whale shark. They are not dangerous like other sharks.

So when we arrived at Chris' house  we saw that Bear was dressed in a wet suit with flippers, goggles and a snorkel. There was also a whale Shark close by.

Chris was happy with all of us for being there for lunch with Birthday Bear. (if you are not familiar with our Birthday Bear tradition click here.)

 A big tree and a little house.

Can you see the wallaby in front of our car?

Wally the wallaby comes every day for a snack of seeds......

and a drink from the bird bath.

Chris was happy to have a snorkelling companion
Chris made us a lovely lunch and we sat outside on a beautiful,warm winter's day.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Oh dear it is a month since I have posted here. I've been busy making photo books for the grandsons. I make them a year book every birthday and their birthdays have just passed so I've been sorting a years photos of them. As well as that I've been trying to keep up with all the activities in the village and prepare lessons for a photography class. Excuses! Excuses!

The other night a friend took us into town to practice night photography. The Story Bridge was purple to bring attention to elder abuse, something that shouldn't happen in modern societies but shamefully it does.
Brisbane CBD from Kangaroo Point cliffs.

From a ferry terminal.

 A tree in lights in the park under the bridge

Under the bridge