Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The next little town that we pulled into was Childers. It is surrounded by green rolling hills of sugar cane and is a treasure trove of Queensland architecture. The population is only 6,200.

The late 1800s facade architecture has been kept to give the town charachter.

The Palace is now an Information Centre, Art Gallery and a Memorial to the 15 backpackers who died here in June 2000. Back then the building was The Backpacker's Palace. There were 84 mostly international backpackers asleep there when a fire was deliberately lit and 15 couldn't escape. 
This is a controversial sculpture by Dave Machen. It is symbolic of the birth of the district.
Overhead wires were removed from the main street giving it a much more attractive village like appearance.

It was raining and we were running short of time and couldn't visit Woodgate Beach, near the start of the Great Barrier reef. However we did visit the village where Ann grew up and saw the house where she lived. Ann is our friend who devised this mystery tour.

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  1. Once again, you have me with pics and travel story.
    Diane, as Haydn has just suggested we fly north for a few days to take time away from the farm and the cold, have you any suggestions for a restful break?
    Many thanks

  2. Oh love the history here, where exactly is this? Hope you have a marvellous vacation and have a blessed day, hugs and blessings Barbara

  3. For some weird reason I can't copy and paste the map HTML on this post but yesterday I could???
    It is about 5hours drive north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

  4. What a pretty little town. I don't think I've ever been there.

  5. Oh how beautiful this town is, diane. How sad, too about the backpackers who died in a fire. Your posts are SO interesting and of course I love the cleanliness of your country. I wish we could lose some overhead wires here in Khartoum, (lol!) Super that Ann revisted her old home and you all saw it too.

  6. A great town Diane, your photos show its character well. Sad about the backpackers. I wonder, did they ever find out who set the fire? Sorry about the comment deleted. That was me after proof reading, too many typos. Need to wake up first before I press that button ;)
    An English Girl Rambles

  7. My sad..
    however, the town is charming ;-)

  8. Childers always gives me the "shivers" after the tragedy that happened there. It really is a very pretty place but is forever tarred after that tragedy. The answer to the person who questioned about the culprit - yes he was caught and is behind bars "FOR LIFE".

    Colin (HB)

  9. HI Diane, Gorgeous little town. I grew up in a small town (of about 5000 people)... I love small towns to this day!

    Too bad about the backpackers...

    Yes--I can see how that sculpture would be controversial!!!!! ha

    Wish we had underground wiring here... Oh Well!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Well done, the map is very helpful.

  11. Am I allowed to say I was a 'call girl' (telephonist) and my place of work was at the Post Office, the last picture in this post? Too late, I just did! Ann J

  12. What a marvelous old town! Love the old buildings with all the gingerbread trim! Very sad about the backpackers who perished in the fire.

  13. I do love the look of the old country towns. I sometimes go to Murwillumbah shopping because there is no shopping mall there.