Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Bill and I have been married 41 years. I love him very much. Seven years ago his heart went into Ventricle Tachycardia, dangerous heart arrhythmia, where the heart can stop at any minute. Luckily we got him to hospital before that happened. He had an ICD (implanted cardiac defibrillator)  put in to shock the heart back into sinus rhythm if it was to happen again. However the batteries have run down (he knows because a little alarm beeps from his chest every morning) so he has to have a new device implanted. He is in hospital now and the operation is at 7:30 in the morning. I hope all goes well so that he can enjoy many more years and cook many more dinners, like this one: Fusilli and pork bake.


  1. I'm sending best wishes to Bill for a speedy recovery. I too have an ICD for the same reason. Thank goodness for modern medicine :)
    ☼ Sunny

  2. Love all the photos of him, as I love man in the kitchen! Hope he does well with the surgery and back to bionic feats soon.

    My dear hubs has to go to the doc next week. I'll fill you in on it as soon as we know exactly what's wrong.

  3. Oh I pray all goes well for Bill, diane. I know he'll be back and cooking up a storm in no time at all again. What a lovely kitchen you have. And Bill looks so professional. Blessings to you both. Jo

  4. Oh, thinking of you both - hope all goes well and he's soon back to 'normal'. He looks pretty professional in that hat. Your smart new kitchen looks pretty professional too.

  5. Hi Diane,
    I hope all goes well.
    A hug.

  6. Sending best wishes to you and Bill.

    Let us know how everything goes.


  7. I am keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers today. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to Bill and hugs to you Diane.

  8. Good thoughts and good karma are being sent to both of you from Florida.

    (And the food looks incredible.!)

  9. Hi Diane, Hope everything goes well with Bill tomorrow... Glad it happened BEFORE your big trip. I guess those batteries do run down every once in awhile... I will keep him (and you) in my prayers... Keep me posted.

    Love Bill's chef's hat... My youngest son was a chef (professionally) at one time. When they had their first baby, both Daddy and son had the cutest little Chef's hats.... I need to find that picture!!!

    Glad he likes to cook. That meal looks tremendous...Do you do the clean-up when he cooks... I do --since George also loves to cook.


  10. Praying for Bill, and also for you Diane.
    Love the professional chef look. Sure the food was restaurant quality.

  11. Ohh ... that looks delicious, Diane!

    Thinking of you both ...

  12. I can tell Bills loves the new kitchen. Hope he won't have to stay in the hospital very long and he will soon be home cooking up some wonderful meals. The plants look so pretty in the white kitchen. Bill too, hee, hee

  13. I am sure Bill will be just fine, Diane. You better watch out when he comes home with new batteries! :)

    He looks like a professional chef in your kitchen. Such a white hat! And a perfect apron for him.

    Best wishes to you both!

  14. Look at that chefs outfit. I do hope all goes well for Bill.

  15. I hope all goes well with the operation. You do such a great job of blogging. I love all the photos of Bill and what you wrote. 41 years of marriage and you're still in refreshing! Love ya xx

  16. That's a difficult moment. I'll think of you. But I am sure everything will go smooth and he can continue to cook for your for years !
    He looks very good as a cook !

  17. Bill looks good in the kitchen cooking. I sure hope everything went well with the operation, I'll be thinking about the both of you!

  18. Oh Diane,

    Must be worrisome for you and your wonderful partner...I read your blog which always always uplifts and empowers know someone (even only through the medium of the internet) as adventurous upbeat and loving to your family as yourself is a privilege...

    Thoughts go with you & Bill and a successful outcome...


  19. G'Day Diane
    Give our love to Bill and wish him a speedy recovery. Like me he is chief cook and bottlewasher and he is definitely needed. Like others have said thank God for modern medicine.
    You look after yourself as well.

    David & Julie

  20. All the best for a speedy recovery Bill. I sent a Greetings Card via Diane today......Del

  21. These are great shots of Dad cooking up a storm in the shinny new kitchen!!

  22. Hi Diane,
    Wishing Bill all the best and a quick recovery. Thinking of you both. Lisa

  23. Hi Diane
    Hope Bill is well.
    Best wishes, Evelyn

  24. Thinking of Bill and yourself and sending love to you both. May you be happy and healthy!