Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, July 11, 2010


During our trip we encountered some interesting animals:
In Cania Gorge Holiday Park the hosts feed the wild birds at sunset. After dark many of these little kangaroos called Bettongs come to eat up the seed left by the birds. They are sometimes called a Rat Kangaroo for obvious reasons, except they hop and don't carry awful diseases.(photo by George)

Later that night we were having a BBQ dinner in the Camp Kitchen. This rather fat possum was on the roof rafters near us. They are cute but they don't have very good manners. Just as I walked under it to the sink it peed. I was lucky it missed me by a whisker.(photo by George)
Besides the native animals there was a variety of cattle. This looks like a Brahman.

These could be Droughtmasters, a cross breed. I was fascinated with the patchwork face of the one behind.
Just in case you don't know what these animals are.

At Carnarvon Gorge there were many wallabies another type of kangaroo. She has a joey in her pouch.

These were at Bunya Mts. This joey has left the pouch but comes back for a drink.

And of course this bear followed us around the whole trip.


  1. The Kimberleys are in a separate blog called 'Crikey'.

  2. Love these shots. 'Droughtmasters' sounds like it has been genetically-engineered for the conditions. Love the different sorts of marsupials. I did not get many kangaroos, just a coupla rock wallabies, I think. Shall come to them in due course.

  3. Possums are cute, but a bit too close in evolution to a rat for me in looks.

  4. This mini kangaroo is really cute, I wished I could see it hopping, must be funny. Maybe possum pee would have been good for your hairs ? who knows, lol !

  5. Love all the wonderful animals. I have got to visit Australia. The leg is getting better and better. I had better start my pot of money for the trip soon. You will have to tell me all the wonderful places Phil and I want to visit too.

  6. Very cute group of critters, Diane. That Bettong does look like a BIG rat...

    Glad the possum didn't do his business ON you... ha

    Beautiful group of cows...

    And my favorite is the wallabie and the joey in her pouch.... Love it.


  7. I never knew there were so many different variations of marsupials!

    The traveling bear is adorable and looks just like a tourist :-)

  8. What a great group of animals shots Diane. The possums you have are much cuter than the ones we have in our yard. The ones here have more of a rat-like tail.

    BB is looking more and more like a seasoned traveler.

  9. I've never seen a Bettong ... fascinating. As for being peed on by possums ... I have had that experience, not pleasant.

  10. The Bettong was new to me too.

    And the Aussie possums are much, much cuter than the North American brand, believe me! Ours have hardly any fur and look a bit like gigantic mangy rats....poor things!

  11. The possum is so cute - and yes, kinda plump. Cool bear!

  12. Great pictures. Those big cows look like a painter has gotten hold of their faces. Very pretty cows.

    I wanted so much to see a "rat roo" when we were there. Never did. They look so sweet.

  13. I have never seen a "calico cow" LOL..out of all of them, I thnk Bear has more personality than any..but I do so love love the kangaroos!

  14. Once more and delightful and fun AND informative post!



  15. Very interesting to see all the animals. I have never seen a real kangaroo, only pictures. and that bear! she tags along everywhere!