Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My friend Val, rang me and said, "It's time to catch up and have lunch. We have found a new restaurant down by the riverside." Well nobody has to ask me twice to go out for lunch, so off we went. Val gave me the directions to Northshore Park Cafe and after an argument with the driver we finally found this delightful place.
It was a beautiful winter's day, warm enough to take off jackets, open the windows and enjoy the river at the doorstep.

This area on the northern banks of the Brisbane River was a grotty industrial place but now it has been developed into a park and children's playground.
We watched the river traffic.

What is the Sydney Manly Ferry doing in the background. Why is it on the Brisbane River instead of on Sydney Harbour? Find out on Bill's blog.

We were also near the airport so colourful planes were often flying over. I thought this red Virgin plane matched the red tug moored on the other side. 

Then a bigger one came, our national carrier QANTAS (Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service)
 It was a nice day down by the riverside. Tra lala la  la


  1. What IS it about waterfront dining -- or lunching! I love it. Great place to catch up with a friend.

  2. It is so nice to dine by the in river, bay or ocean. The boats are fun to watch. I see you had airplanes flying overhead..the Quantas flight was close!

  3. Love the way you take us all along when you go off gallivanting.

    Love the arguement with your driver. One can never get good help nowadays ...

  4. Wonderful photos of your beautiful day! The weather looks warm. You had a lovely view from teh restaurant.

  5. Nice place ! would have loved to join you !

  6. Thanks for taking me out to lunch. Very enjoyable! Ahhh... the ocean breeze! mmm... a tasty lunch and good company. Wonderful!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day out, hasn't the winter weather been glorious? I can't quite place where you were.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Hugs - Jan

  8. Those are some really gorgeous photos.

  9. Great blog and informative as usual Diane...your pics are great....tell a story