Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've always liked birds but since I started blogging and seeing other blogs with lots of birds I thought I would give it a go. Except for cheeky tame parrots I have found it quite difficult to photograph birds in the wild. They either have the sun behind them and they turn out black or they fly away and and I end up with a picture of an empty branch. However, I'm trying to be more patient. I sat for a long time in the garden trying to capture this Eastern Spinebill. I'm sure it is hyper-active. It didn't sit still for longer than a second before flitting off to another flower for nectar. I don't know how it can eat so fast. I was soooo chuffed that out of the many blurred shots and empty branches, I finally got one right. It was in a thick Grevillea tree and up quite high. I used a telephoto lens and set it for fast moving objects.

Eastern Spinebill

 Grevillea banksii, this is the flower the Spinebill is enjoying.

Beach Stone-Curlew

This was taken at Bustard Bay but it isn't a Bustard it is a Beach Stone-Curlew. I was a long way off in a moving amphibious vehicle. I used a telephoto lens and cropped it heavily so it is not too sharp. Lots of room for improvement in my bird photography. According to my bird book it is uncommon, stands 56 cm high, and it has an unusually large beak for a wading bird.

Bustard Bay, Queensland.


  1. To be honest, I've given up trying with most birds, apart from the odd duck! They move too fast and you need too much camera kit to get consistently good photos. Your spinebill, in particular, is a good effort - rather an attractive bird too. We don't have those here.

    Best wishes to Bill. Hope he's feeling better.

  2. It really was worthwhile to be so patient, the picture came out perfectly !
    Now you have enough photos to participate in my meme "the muffed target" if you have all blurred birds and empty branches,lol !

  3. Bird photography reminds me of fishing only you angle with a camera. You caught a "big one." You should feel proud!

  4. Oh Diane, it does take patience when trying to photograph birds... You got a great shot of the Spinebill.... Beautiful bird.

    AND--getting that UNCOMMON Beach Stone-Curlew was GREAT.... Even if you cropped it, it's a great picture. Glad you got it...

    Thanks... I love seeing your birds.

    How's Bill?


  5. Everything you say here is what I experienced, too. But patience is the great rewarder. That and taking lots and lots of shots. And also, going on excursions where lots of birds are around. I have not photographed one single bird since returning from the Kimberleys. Must rectify that or I will start to go backwards again.

    Love the ESB. I don't have one of them in my kitbag as yet.

  6. Taking photos of birds takes so much patience which I don't always have. But your patience paid off, that is a great shot of the Spinebill. Same goes for the curlew, it's great to see an uncommon bird.

  7. The photos are beautiful. You are better than you think you are. I just got a new camera with more magnification, so I have high hopes for better bird pix. Maybe someday.

  8. Understand about the patience thing. Usually I'm not a patient person, but photography is teaching me. It sure paid off for you with these photos. Love the Eastern Spinebill.

  9. Well done, I haven't tried birds except for the occasional pelican or ducks.
    Hugs - Jan

  10. Beautiful!! Your patience paid off in a big way.

    And regarding your comment left for me...yes, I agree that 'take away the source' would be a dream to be sure...and it would eliminate the violence...but the canal would HELP. lol

    Hope your week is off to a great beginning.

  11. Hi Diane
    I'm with you - birds are hard to take photos of; esp with my basic camera. I love the grevillea - nice depth of field.

    Re my spa pieces, I did all the pen sketches on location, then painted them with watercolour when I had time.

  12. Well done on the spinebill. I have chased them all over my garden and not succeed in getting a shot ... I lack the necessary patience.

  13. It is so hard to photograph wildlife! Great job!!

  14. You did great, Diane You got a great shot of your Spinebill. It is a cute bird and has really pretty coloring. I have to delete a lot of my photos same as you. Either they are blurry or I have an empty branch. I find it easier to take them further away and then crop or trim them. If you get too close they fly away.

  15. You photo taking is SUPER! Love the bird! and the flowers? Who knew so many species were around?