Brisbane, QLD

Friday, July 16, 2010


As  Brisbane is growing so fast more and more bridges are being built over the Brisbane River, which meanders through the middle of the city. The original Gateway Bridge was built in the 80's but now it is not wide enough, so a duplicate bridge has been built next to it.
From the park we visited last weekend you can't see that there are two identical bridges side by side.

So I found one on the net. When the first one was built it was the longest cantilevered, box, girder main span in the world.

It had to be lower than 80 metres because it is in the flight path to the nearby airport.

But it had to be taller than 55 metres for ships to pass underneath. However, it is still not tall enough for some of the huge liners. (from the net)

We travelled over the new one for the first time last weekend. They are still working on the approaches.
Two other bridges  have opened recently, I must try to capture them.

PS: Bill is okay but still in hospital for tonight.


  1. Oh gosh, I just read your blog to catch up on your photos and was amazed to read that your husband is in hospital for a recharge.
    I do hope all went well...I do know what you are talking about :) EX Reg. Nurse etc.

    The bridge, I presume it's a toll one? I was told that many roads/highways are now toll roads, is that true?

    You take care and I do hope all goes well with your husband.

  2. I'm glad Bill is doing okay. A nights stay is good, then getting home is better. Who can rest in a hospital?


  3. I am so glad that Bill is okay. Please keep us posted.

    Great pictures of the bridges.... It's amazing that they can build them high enough for the ships to get under (or most of the ships!!) AND yet low enough for the airplanes not to hit.... Wow---that's amazing...

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.. Take care of Bill.

  4. Goodo re the message about BB. Give him my regards!!

  5. Diane reading this post reminds me of our Sydney Harbour Bridge and what forward thinkers they must have been to construct a bridge that remains a centrepiece of the Sydney Harbour and is still useful.
    Tenders were called in 1922 I believe and the contract went to an English firm Dorman Long and Co of Middlesbrough.It has 8 vehicle lanes as well as 2 train lines plus cycleway and pedestrian walkway.
    By the way, love the fact that they have built a duplicate. Looks grand.

  6. On TV the other night I noticed one of the ancient cities and all the bridges ... Brissie will be like that soon. I remember watching the Gateway being built ... it was so impressive as it rose on the skyline. Imaging needing two of them.

  7. Twin bridges! Glad to hear that Bill is doing well.

  8. Very nice photos. I love bridges. I told Bill to rest up tonight so he can come home and cook you dinner. hee, hee
    He looks so happy in the kitchen.

  9. Lovely 2nd pic with the reflection - fantastic

  10. Still thinking about you and hoping all is going well with the recharge.