Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, May 21, 2020


Sometimes I walk through Exillis and Dorset Park instead of Daisy Hill Forest. Yesterday I came across many teddy bears to cheer me up.

An easy path to walk on.

A rare sight in Brisbane, Autumn leaves and then I was home.

Saturday, May 9, 2020


On my walk home through the forest the other day, I saw that the teddy bear had gone from his tree stump. I wonder where? Maybe he has gone on a picnic because our country is starting to ease restrictions. We are allowed to go on picnics in family groups.
 The teddy bear that sat on this stump for many days has now disappeared.

 I started to notice all the different types of eucalyptus trees we have. They have different types of bark. 
I'm not good with botanical names but we call this one a "Spotted Gum".

 This one is an Iron Bark.

I don't know the names of these but I like the different patterns and textures.

Monday, May 4, 2020


I miss my walking buddies of a morning but we are not to walk in a group of four so we go by ourselves now. Sometimes I meet up with one of them and that's okay as long as we stay apart. The good thing about it is I can stop whenever I like to take photos. Trouble is I only carry my phone when walking so the shots are not the best. Here are a few things I see on the way.

One of the hills

A billabong

What's this? A bear in the forest.

A line of hairy caterpillars crawling across the track. The picnic area is drying out again.