Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Last February some of you may remember that I lent my car to Carol and David (daughter and SIL) to relocate to Sydney (see story here.)

Waving good bye to Carol, David and my car in February. Off to Sydney they all go.
So my car (a Hyundai Getz) gets  a little holiday on the way to Sydney.

She likes the beach stops on the way.

Whoo Hoo she Getz to drive over the Sydney harbour bridge.

The young ones had to find an apartment and jobs before they could get a loan for a car. Now they have settled into Sydney with a nice apartment, great jobs and, now their own car. (Mazda3 Hatch) 

They arranged to have mine sent back to Brisbane on a truck. This morning we got the call to say the car would be arriving at the door at 8:00.

Whoo Hoo! She's back from her job in Sydney.  I love my little 'Getz'. 

Oh no! This big man is going to squeeze into my little Getz. I hope he can "Getz" out.

Here she comes!

He 'Getz' out O.K. and says, "Sign here." 

I 'Getz' in and drive her into the garage, the first time in five months.

I 'Getz' very happy.


  1. Welcome home, Getz.

    I own a white Getz, we go together everywhere and after going for a drive around the block with me, my sister on returning to Coffs bought herself a blue Getz.

  2. Hi Diane, Glad your got your cute little Getz back. I had to laugh when you said you were pulling it into the garage... You were on the PASSENGER SIDE..... ha ha .... Forgot that you all drive on that side... I'd have a hard time getting used to that IF I lived there, or in England. Wonder who and why someone changed our country to the left side?????? Sounds like a research blog sometime....


  3. I want one of those. Only I'll take the steering wheel on the other side, please. Just ship it to my house anytime. :))

  4. I getz all excited when I see your little red car back, diane. Also cool to see the driver on this side again. In South Africa we have right-hand drive like you do. In North Africa we have left-hand drive (like Betsy!) Getz some gettzing used to when you return home to the SA again. Have a wonderful day. Jo

  5. I 'getz' that you're happy to see your car back. Welcome home happy little red Getz.
    An English Girl Rambles

  6. You regained your freedom ! I don't know how I could live without a car, I would squat my husband's one all the time, lol !
    She hasn't changed a bit ! I see you also have a lot of Japanese cars. In Belgium too !
    I'll be grandma of a little boy, I learned yesterday !

  7. Oh! YEA! Home again!


  8. So glad to see your little car "Getz" home safely! She looks very perky and happy after her adventure.

  9. Aw..she "Getz" prettier each time I see her//she looks like a LadyBug! Just go and paint some black polka dots on her!
    So glad the kids are doing well..and so glad she's home with you- she's aDORaBle!

  10. Love this story and your attachment to your car. I had a lovely little red Peugeot 306 until a nasty RangeRover with a bull bar smashed up its rear-end and corrugated ALL its underneath.

    PS Love BB's ugh-boots!

  11. You've got your freedom back. Must take Getz on more adventures ... we love em ... you've got a lovely style of story telling.

  12. That was so nice of you to lend the young-uns your car. I love that car, by the way--red and tiny and probably gets very good gas mileage. Glad she's back home to you from her trip.

  13. Bye bye Getz! We loved having you in Sydney. I even felt guilty the first day we drove the Mazda to the ferry! Look after my Mum & Dad won't you!!

  14. Happy days. So glad you 'Getz' your car back Diane. Seems like only yesterday I read the post in which it was on its way south.

  15. You have a great sense of humour .... smile... love your sheepskin slippers too.

  16. I love that car its cute, the red color is beautiful...when I gain more confident on my driving I'm thinking to replace my car with that one, easy to park only and comfortable to ride, always admire it everytime I saw on the road

  17. Oh Dianne -- even your car has adventures! Welcome home little red Getz.

  18. Such a cute little car! I don't think they have that model here. It reminds me of my little red Rabbit, which I love. Looks like she had a fun working holiday :) Kat