Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We are off to USA tomorrow to visit friends and family and to tour across the States. While in LA we will be visiting this gorgeous family (only a little biased). Sonya, our daughter, Bernie, our SIL and our only grandchild, Fox:

Monday, June 6, 2011


 It was our turn to prepare Birthday Bear for Mary's birthday. Bear is supposed to reflect some facet of the recipients character. This is the fourth year that we have passed bear around our group of friends at birthday time so it is starting to get difficult to think of something different each time. However, Ann sent me a photo of Mary enjoying herself, which gave us the idea for Mary's Birthday Bear

 A few weeks ago Bill started on the prop.


   A few days later he did some more.

 I was commissioned to do the final touches. 

I dressed Bear in club clothes and she was ready to surprise Mary on her birthday. How stupid we felt carting a poker machine into the Sunnybank Sports Club? (We hid it in a bin liner bag)

It was worth it  to see the delight on Mary's face when she saw her Birthday Bear playing a poker machine. Mary enjoys a little dabble now and then, very sensibly, I might add.

"Can I play too Bear?"
Mary's birthday is not for a few weeks but because we will be away we had her birthday lunch early.

Friday, June 3, 2011


The Queen Street Mall in Brisbane City is an open air mall stretching for two blocks. It is the hub of the CBD. It has department stores, restaurants, and variety shops. Many of the old original facades have been kept in front of the modern stores behind them.
Gardens are scattered throughout the mall.

 This beautiful flower is Anthurium.

Some old timers busking with their banjos outside Louis Vuitton. They have got style. Buskers have to get a permit from the council to busk in the mall.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 To our wonderful daughter Carol-Ann. 
It doesn't seem 39 years ago when I brought you into the world.

And when you were big enough you took yourself off to see the world.


USA, France, Spain, UAE, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and goodness knows where else.

But happily you are now in Sydney close to home. Hope you had a happy day.