Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Each year the crowd gets bigger at our village Chinese New Year celebrations. Our CEO,  Chiou See, is a Chinese Singaporean so she knows how to party on this day. There were 250 guests, which included residents families and friends. Chiou See and her staff did an amazing job at preparing and cooking variety of Chinese dishes for 250 people. She also organised a Lion Dancers and treats for all the children.
 The crowd arrives we were greeted by a staff member offering spring rolls, prepared by 3 of the residents.

 Our volunteer bar staff, Eric, Terry and Patrick.

 Chiou See explains how to feed the lions with money in a little red envelope on the table.

 Putting donations into the envelopes for the lion dancers.

 The lion dancers perform the dance with Kung Fu movements to a vigorous drum beat. They are accompanied by the smiling Dai To Fut, who lures the lions with a fan.

 There are two people operating the lion. The Lion Dance shouldn't be confused with the Dragon Dance where there are many dancers in a long dragon outfit.

 After an energetic performance they dance among the audience to be fed with the envelopes.

 They sometimes eat your head.

 Bill is the official videographer. His videos are posted on the Elements Retirement Living at Springwood Facebook Page.

 The dancers are given a challenge of reaching a lettuce that is hanging from the ceiling. Plucking the greens brings good luck and fortune.

 The lion munches the lettuce and spits it out to the audience for good luck.

 The lettuce is flying through the air and the dancer's envelope rewards are bulging in his t-shirt.

 The colourful fun dance ends and it's time for dinner.

We are encouraged to wear red at these celebrations. A good luck colour for the Chinese.

It is tradition for the eldest person at the party gives the children an envelope with money. So all the children lined up and were given ice cream and then their envelope.

Thursday, February 6, 2020


My Story Continued
During the end of year school holidays in 1979 we hired a holiday house at Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. We shared with friends, Daphne, Nigel and son Iain. We spent every day on the beautiful beach.
It was a nice house on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

 Daphne and me watching the kids.

 I was teaching them how to surf on the rubber mats.

 Oops Carol gets tipped off.

One day we went to Tewantin and tried fishing. We didn't manage to catch dinner.

 On the way home we stopped  at the BIG cow.

Monday, February 3, 2020


We were invited to our daughter's father in law's 80th birthday celebrations being held at the Esplanade Apartments in Burleigh Heads. Carol and her in laws were all staying in the penthouse for a few days so we decided to stay for the weekend too. Lucky they had a vacancy for us on the 4th floor.
 The view was lovely and the weather was hot.

We have stayed here a few times because we like the spacious units all facing the ocean. Each one is decorated differently according to the owner's taste. This one was a bit ordinary but still comfortable.

 At lunch time we went up to the penthouse on the 25th floor to join the 80th birthday celebrations.

 The views south and north are stunning.

Bill and Alma are Carol's in-laws. Happy birthday Bill. My Bill is in the background.

All the relatives except little Billie the only grandchild. He didn't want to be in the photo. Carol and David on the left at the back. David has two sisters and a brother the rest are partners and parents. Bill enjoyed his birthday with all his family.

 That evening Carol and I walked along the beach. One of my favourite activities.

For tea the boys made scotch eggs.

 Jon and Gene brother in laws feeding the masses.

 They were delicious. Gene is famous within the family for making these.

 Early next morning I went for a walk trying to beat the heat of the day.

 Carol and David did their morning RUN and then cooled off in the pool. I dangled my legs in.

Meanwhile my man prefers this activity. Later we went for lunch at a local hotel and returned to snooze and play games.

 On the last morning , I walked towards the headland. It was lovely splashing through the water.

 I liked the way the towers of Surfer's Paradise were peeping around the corner.

It was time to turn back and get ready to return home to Brisbane.
I took all these photos with my iPhone.

Monday, January 27, 2020


We celebrated Australia Day in the village. It started by one couple decorating their car and used a blow up doll for a cricket player. Everyone knows Aussies are mad about cricket. A friend helped and supplied the song to blare from the car as it slowly traversed the streets of the village. 'C'mon Aussie C'mon". Then we had lunch and games in the community centre.
 Our flag is red, white and blue but our sporting colours are green and gold. Go figure.

 We are encouraged to dress up. We arrived early to take photos .

Soon the hall filled with residents, friends and family.

Our visiting cricketer named Dennis Road, made himself comfortable at the bar.

 Our volunteer bar crew are loads of fun.

We had traditional fare for lunch. Sausage and onions in bread with tomato sauce, damper and lamingtons.


 Dennis Road, the cricketer, went to get his lady friend called Elle Ments to come and enjoy the fun at Elements Retirement Village on Dennis Road, Springwood.
On the right Kevin is proud of the lamingtons, that he made even though he is a pommy.

We had a thong throwing competition. See the yellow thong in the air. We call flip flops, thongs. A good time was had by all.