Brisbane, QLD

Monday, February 28, 2022


 Over the last two weeks we have had lots and lots of rain. In the last week the rain was non stop, day and night. I couldn't believe the clouds could hold so much water. We had a rain bomb hovering over South East Queensland all week. It caused much flooding in country towns and Brisbane. The road we live on had water across it in places but it never closed. We were safe the whole time but kept inside similar to when we had pandemic lockdowns. 

The rain bomb didn't move for a week then moved slowly south. The black marker is where we live.

It rained and rained. Taken from our front door.

Taken through our bedroom window.

The following photos are from the Guardian News and Brisbane Times.

Riverside Restaurants and walkway.

Debris washed down the Brisbane River and crashed into ferry terminals and residents' boat pontoons and ripped them from their moorings and then they floated downstream becomining hazards for bridges and more ferry terminals.
We were safe from flooding and the weather is improving slightly as the bomb moves slowly south. Now the Northern NSW people are copping it. More floods and heartache.

Thursday, February 24, 2022


 Sick of staying home and staying safe we decided on a walk in Underwood Park instead of around the village. I still walk in the forest early in the morning but I try to get you know who on his feet in the afternoons. It was a beautiful afternoon stroll around the lagoon. It was very peaceful and calming getting away from covid and war news. Come with us.

"Well done! Isn't this nicer than sitting in front of your computer?"

I should be jogging to lose some of that fat.

A Water Dragon. I was amazed that the lily pads could take its weight. It was fun watching him scoot across the leaves.

Another one came to say goodbye as we left for the car park.

Monday, February 21, 2022


It was Bill's Birthday this month. He didn't want a big celebration so we just went to a local Thai Restaurant with a few friends from the village. But first thing in the morning he is greeted with birthday Balloons tied onto our gate by the Balloon Fairies, a volunteer group of villagers, who sneak around in the night and deliver the balloons to anyone having a birthday.

The day before his birthday he had his hair cut by a retired hairdresser, who lives in the village.

At the restaurant friends gave him cards and gifts.

He thought this one funny.


Friday, February 11, 2022


 Our Singaporean, Chinese managing director and owner of our village, Chiou See, has bought another village to add to our family. It is called Elements@ Con Noi, Carindale, which is a Brisbane suburb not far away from us. The hand over date was 1 Feb so Chiou See organised a Chinese New Year celebration as an event to mark the hand over day as something special. Residents from our village were invited to attend and meet the residents of Con Noi. Although, Bill and I are hesitant of mixing with a lot of people in these Covid times, we bit the bullet and attended.

It was an interesting morning meeting the other residents and comparing notes. Naturally, they were very keen to find out what it is like having the dynamo, Chiou See, as the managing director. We calmed their fears. They seemed pleased because their last manager didn't do anything to enhance their living conditions.

We enjoyed the lion dance and the Chinese snacks.

Tables and chairs were set up in their common room. Residents from both villages chat together.

The lions arrive to celebrate the year of the tiger

This one produced a lucky charm for Chiou See.

Then the lion tugs a lettuce dangling from the ceiling and spits it at the audience for good luck.

A resident representative of the Con Noi Village presents Chiou See with flowers.

Friday, February 4, 2022


 I have been walking in the forest in between showers of rain by myself because we are at the peak of the Omicron wave so we have not been mixing with people very much. Hopefully, next week we will try walking with friends again.  It is so nice and green and calm in the forest. I love seeing the towering trees, the wallabies and the track disappearing into the forest.

I love the bright orange trunks of these trees, that are actually called grey gums or Eucalyptus Punctata.
They have a grey bark, which it sheds in summer to reveal the lovely orange colour.

We have had a very wet summer and the picnic area has turned bright green.

I love seeing different things each day. Here are some: Tiny fungi, fresh raindrops and glowing lichen.