Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The little seaside holiday town of 1770 sits on a peninsula with the ocean on one side and Bustard Bay on the other. It was named 1770 because it is where James Cook landed to get fresh water in 1770 when he discovered the East Coast of Australia. It is a great place for fishermen and tourists who like a quiet time. 
We did a 35k/25m tour along the Bay shoreline to the Bustard Head Lightstation in an amphibious vehicle.

Xanthia or Grass Trees were abundant on the way up to the lighthouse.
The lighthouse was built in 1868 and manned every night for 118 years until automated in 1986. For the next 16 years vandals all but destroyed the surrounding buildings until a volunteer organisation formed to renovate the lighthouse keeper's residence and turn it into a museum.
Bustard Bay from Bustard Head. It was named after the birds eaten by James Cook's men but apparently they were mistaken. They weren't Bustard Birds but a different kind. 

It was a short walk from our cabin through the bush to the ocean beach. No houses or buildings or people absolutely natural and lovely.

Outside our cabin this Kookaburra was having frog for dinner.

1770 is 496k/308m from Brisbane.
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  1. Love the kookaburra pic Diane. Those, along with the wedge tail eagles that float right above us here have become favourites.

  2. Diane, these are wonderful photos from your trip. I love the beach and the lighthouse. The Kookaburra is a great shot too. It would be nice to stay so close to the beach and that has a great history.

  3. Again such a beautiful place ! Your trip into the unknown was really very well organized ! I love the lighthouse, it always makes me think of my holidays in England. There are quiet a lot at the coast where I go.

  4. What a beautiful trip,Diane!! I remember when I was there and good rum from Bundaberg.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Grass trees?????? Never heard of them--but they look just like their name...

    I love that lighthouse... Glad someone renovated it... AND--that view from Bustard Head of Bustard Bay is fabulous... Neat beach area also.

    Cute little Kookaburra.


  6. Such beautiful country, I enjoyed every shot. But I feel bad for the poor froggy dinner!

  7. What a unique name for a town, diane. And your photos are STUNNING. The sand dunes, the lighthouse, the grass trees and then the casual capture of a kookaburra having its dinner. I enjoyed this post very much. Thanks for supporting Ghana last night. We watched as well and were stunned when they lost. They'd played their hearts out and deserved to win. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

  8. This looks like such a fantastic trip Diane. The kookaburra is a fascinating little bird and I love to hear them on nature shows. I would love to read an account of one of the first explorers when they first heard this interesting sound they make. Thanks for stopping by.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. As usual your photos are exquisite, and as usual your scenery makes me long for home. Sigh.

    To answer your question, Angela and Gillian are both my sisters. The light blonde, the dark blonde and I.

  10. Bustard Bay looks so wild, rustic and beautiful! The sand dunes and grass trees were so interesting to see and I'm so glad the lighthouse was saved!

    You asked how I made the photo collage of the buildings on my blog. I use the Google Picasa program to make all my collages. I just experiment with the different templates they have and sometimes more unusual arrangements just seem to pop up. :-)

  11. Beautiful bay! Magnificent Kookaburra! Poor little froggie! :-(

  12. Hmm... Looks like this Kookaburra has been to France!

  13. You sure covered some miles on that mystery tour. Ive heard of 1770 because friends were doing some property development there but not visited. As you say it looks quite untouched, I hope there is not too much more property development.

  14. I am glad to hear a group stepped forward to save the old lighthouse, it is far too beautiful to be left to fall into shambles.

    Love the shot of the Kookaburra.

  15. Hey Mum, Great photo of the Kookaburra eating a frog! I love it xxx