Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Saturday, May 25, 2019


It was Chris and Bob's birthdays recently and our little Birthday Bear Group celebrated both their birthdays on the same day because they live quite a long way out of Brisbane. However, they came down to the suburb of Redcliffe where we had a delicious lunch at Preece's overlooking the pier and bay.
Chris and Bob have just been to China for a holiday so Ann and Helen dressed Birthday Bear appropriately. Bear morphed into a Panda Bear for Bob and later Bear became a tourist visiting the great Wall of China and the zoo for Chris.

 Helen and Ann dressed Bear in  Panda Bear suit to remind Chris and Bob of their trip to China.

 Here come Chris and Bob.
 Mary, Bill, George, Bob, Chris, Ann and Helen then I swapped places with Ann from behind the camera for the next pic.

Chris and Bob travel a long way to be with us.

Friday, May 17, 2019


We were spending 5 days in Melbourne to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day and Fox's birthday. We had a free day from celebrations so we went exploring in Melbourne. Carol and David used to live in Melbourne so they showed us around. We went to Federation Square where there is nothing square in the huge steel and glass buildings. The Art Gallery is here. It's a lot colder in Melbourne than in Brisbane.

 We were intrigued with this installation called 'Somewhere Other' by John Wardle Architects. It was a bit like a maze.

 We checked out the famous Melbourne Laneways, some were interestingly grungy.

 Most lanes were full of restaurants and cafe's.

We caught a free tram to Bourke Street Mall where no cars are allowed only trams. Lots of posh stores in this street. It was a fun day. 
The next day was Mother's Day and we were invited to Sonya's house to celebrate Mother's Day and Fox's Birthday.

Sonya's Husband, Bernie (on extreme left) is from a big family. They all came for the celebrations. Bernie's mum and dad, Helen and Nev, have 4 boys and 1 daughter, 3 daughter in laws and 1 son in law and 9 grandchildren. (one is missing)

Fox blew out 9 candles. We all sang happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy mother's day to everyone all at once. It was funny.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Last Thursday we flew to Melbourne for a special long weekend. Friday was our 50th Wedding Anniversary, Sunday was Mother's Day and Monday was Fox's birthday.
David and Carol came from Sydney and they organised us to stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel it was a lovely hotel with nice views of the city.
Bill and Carol were impressed with the flower arrangement in the foyer.

It was a typical Melbourne autumn day, grey with showers but it brightened in the evening as we looked out of our window.

Then we went to the Swiss Club to meet Sonya and the boys for dinner. Bernie couldn't make it because he was working. (acting in a TV series called "My Life is Murder")
We had fondu, rosti, sausages, schnitzel and far too much. I was so busy talking to Sonya and hugging the boys that I forgot to take photos except when Fox showed me his Student Councillor badge.

The next day was our anniversary and Carol and David took us to the European Cafe for breakfast. It was delicious. 

Afterwards, Carol and I left the men to their own devices and we went shopping. The shopping in Melbourne is fabulous. So may beautiful stores with high fashion and expensive stuff. Carol bought me new shoes, jumper and scarf. She bought herself shoes and we spent ages looking for a jacket for her but she couldn't find exactly what she liked until we were ready to go back to the hotel when she spotted one but she changed her mind when she saw the price $450.

We ignored the temptation to have coffee and cake in the Arcade.

That night Sonya organised a booking at Fatto a popular Italian Restaurant for our anniversary dinner just with the grown ups.

The young ones gave us hand made gold handled serving utensils and a gold pass to the movies for a year. They are wonderful people and we are so proud of them and thankful for caring about us.

Happy Anniversary. 50 years together and still in love.

We didn't bring our cameras to Melbourne so it was phone camera time at Southbank. Another two days and two celebrations to go.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


My Story Continued:

(I am still scanning old photos and renovating photo albums as well as publishing them here to make a blog book  for my girls to keep.)

We visited my parents in Sydney for Christmas 1976 and stayed on into the new year 1977. Mum and Dad took us to the Camellia Gardens for the girls to have a play and feed the ducks.

With Granddad

With Grandma

Sonya makes a friend

We visited grandma's friends and the girls had a swim in their pool with grandma.

 We went to the local park at Loftus where I used to play as a kid.

The girls liked playing at grandma's house.

Sunday, April 21, 2019


It is 36 years today, 21st April, since I lost my Dad. Recently, I have been scanning old photos as I renovate old albums. I came across photos of my dad and remembered what a great Dad he was.

On the MS Georgic ship on the way to Australia 
Back in 1949 when he was 35, he was brave enough to gather up his family and emigrate from war torn England with stringent rationing and come to Australia an unknown land with no family or friends.
While we lived in a tent and then a garage, he built our house with his own hands.

After seven years of working hard and building the house on weekends, he together with my mum, saved enough money for a car and a caravan holiday from Sydney to Brisbane.

When the house was finished he attended night school and upgraded his education qualifications. He and I were studying for the 'Leaving Certificate' at the same time.

He took us on holidays every year and we had fun together.

When I floundered in my teenage years he spent time talking to me and supporting me through my troubles.

He helped me find jobs and encouraged me to go to PNG and start a new life and an exciting career. This photo was how I remember him when I left home in 1963.
Seven years later when I returned to Oz married, he continued to support my family. He became sick at the same time that he retired and after 2 years of pain and suffering with bone cancer he passed away on 21st April, 1983. He's always in my memories.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Last week we took some friends from the village to visit Hinze Dam. They are new to Australia from England. They have moved here to be nearer their family who live in Springwood the same suburb as our village. We thought our move from the next suburb was emotional but to move from the other side of the world at our age, I admire them.

The Hinze Dam and Advancetown Lake are situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland, near Mount Tamborine.

 We walked along the dam wall, which was made higher a few years ago. We saw some bird life and the foot hills of the Great Dividing Range.

We stopped in at the cafe and had a very nice lunch before we walked down to the water's edge.

 It was relaxing sitting on the bench and admiring the view

Even Bill enjoyed the little walk.

Friday, April 12, 2019


Recently we spent 5 days on the Gold Coast with our family. On the last day the weather was perfect.  We have a saying in Queensland,  "....where the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next." Well we did have one overcast day but the others were great. I took a look over the balcony and wished we could all stay longer, but work called for the young ones.
 Looking south

Looking north

Then I saw Sonya, Carol and the boys playing on the beach, so I went down to join them.

It was a bit cool in the water today so we packed up and went for a walk to the shops where the boys wanted to show me "Cheeky" the fish, which was in a Real Estate Office.

Later in the evening Grandaddy was cooking dinner and pretending to be "The Swedish Chef" from The Muppet Show. However, the boys had never heard of him (a bit before their time) so Grandaddy introduced the boys to 'The Swedish Chef" on You Tube. They really enjoyed it.

We were up early the next morning to drive Sonya and the boys to the Coolangatta Airport.  Luckily it is only 15 mins away. It takes them 2.5 hours to get home to Melbourne, where Sonya had to rush them to school for a colour fun run.

Time to say goodbye to these scallywags.