Brisbane, QLD

Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Home Run PART SEVEN

Wednesday 25 March.

It is about a five hour drive home so we leave our beautiful cabin on the beach and reluctantly head for home.

We stopped at Maclean for morning tea at the Information Centre. We had a lovely view of the river and........

....the lush farmlands as we sipped our frothy cappuccino, and I wondered if Titania still lives near here. We roamed through the art and craft shop and the pieces were lovely but I restrained from buying. (We don't need any more clutter)

Soon we were on our way speeding through miles and miles of sugar cane farms until......

.....more road works. Then we climbed over a hill and.......

...we were greeted by a beautiful view towards Byron Bay.

Here the roadworks are completed and we had an easy run home to Queensland.
There are special bridges for wildlife (especially koalas) to cross the new road. There are native plants growing on it ( and a sign saying "Animals Cross Here". I wonder who taught them to read. he he)

Yoo hoo nearly home!!!

Here comes the Queensland border on the brand new Tugun Bypass road. (This saves a lot of time as you don't have to mingle with all the Gold Coast traffic)

We're home!

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Click on the markers to see photos. We travelled over 2000k.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sydney to Brisbane PART SIX (Nambucca Heads)

Still Tuesday 24 March.

After a few hours drive we arrived at Nambucca heads. We were a bit too early to book into our cabin so we went exploring.

Firstly we walked along the edge of the river.
It is a very pretty place.
Then we drove up to the Rotary Lookout. The view of the Nambucca River lazily entering the sea was delightful.
We drove a little higher to the Captain Cook Lookout and the view was even more stunning. To the north the beaches stretched forever.
To the south ....what's that I see.... another break water wall to walk along.
We drove down to Shelly Beach. It was peaceful with very few people. (looking south)
Looking north.
The gulls weren't shy.
A boat navigates the rocky beach.
There is that man again with the video camera.
He is trying to capture the restless water.
Walking around the rock pools, I was fascinated with the life .......
....and the colours under the water.
I wonder if a wave will wash over him.
I found why it is called Shelly Beach.

Then we followed the signs to the Holiday Park and moved into our new cabin. It was the best yet with two bedrooms, modern kitchen, big flat screen TV and a roomy bathroom. (I forgot to take pics of it) but we intend to return.

It is only a short walk from the cabin over the sand dune to the beach.....

... but watch where you walk.

The empty beach rolls out in front of you, it is exhilarating.

We walk up to a rocky outcrop and I sit and watch the waves....

....wishing that I didn't have to go home tomorrow .

On the way back I am intrigued with the crab holes that have a little road up to the hole.

As it was our last night on the road and we had run out of food to cook for dinner, we went to the a club to eat.

I talked BB into walking a little way down the wall before dinner. This wall was decorated by visitors. Each family or group are allowed to paint one rock and add captions. It is quite an entertaining walk.

Now I know who ate the oysters from the wall in the last post.

The meal wasn't anything to get excited about, except that it was cheap, but we certainly had a top view from our table.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sydney to Brisbane PART FIVE (Harrington)

Still Monday 23 March.

We headed north out of the rat race of Sydney roads and found the Pacific Highway that takes us along the coast towards Brisbane.

First stop was Harrington, where the Manning River enters the sea.

I just love walking along break water walls. BB didn't want to come so I set off by myself for an interesting time.

This is fun and a beautiful view of the river on one side and the ocean on the other.

No oysters left, someone got here before me.
Now what's this? A barricade to stop you going any further. No way I'm getting to the end.. I climb over but after a while the going gets rough and the rocks are unstable. Not wanting to fall and break an ankle and be left lying here forever I had better turn back. (wimp)

But first a shot of the view from the wall. Then I continue back along the wall for a bit when I think I could find a shorter way back to the tourist park where we have a cabin. So I jump off the wall and head around the lagoon in the opposite direction to that which I took coming out....big mistake.

At first it was sand, then mud and then mangrove swamp, so I head away from the lagoon into this long grass which I squashed down onto the mud so I didn't sink.

Finally as the sun was setting, I found solid ground and a path which led me back to camp (with filthy white shoes) Ah but it was an adventure and fun.

Tuesday 24 March.

We only have a short distance to drive to our next stop so we spend some time checking out the little fishing village of Crowdy Head.

We drive up towards the lighthouse which is on a headland jutting out into the sea. There are beautiful bays and beaches on both sides as well as a little fishing boat harbour.

Looking to the left.

BB the videographer. His videos will be on his blog soon.

Looking to the right.

I love the big blue sky. (Hope it makes you want to come home, Carol)

Looking down from the lighthouse.

Then we drove down to the boats and onto our next stop at Nambucca Heads.

The Pacific highway is being upgraded. We came across loads of roadworks but we weren't in a hurry and it didn't matter. It was good to see so many people had jobs.