Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, June 12, 2022


 It's hard to find stuff to write about when you don't go anywhere. Lately, it has been raining too much to go out. It was so wet and muddy in the forest that we couldn't do our usual morning walk. When the rain cleared up the cold came out. We have had the coldest recorded temperatures for Brisbane. Remember we are in a sub-tropical zone. These temperatures are rare:-

(42°F) It was so cold for us at 6:00am that my walking buddies said it was too cold to walk so we stay in our warm beds instead. I walk around the village when it warms up. Here are some of the things I see in the village. 

It is also unusual for us to have Autumn leaves because deciduous trees are not found in the subtropics unless they have been introduced like the ones in our Zen Garden.

We have a lot of flowering trees throughout the village, which attract the birds. This one is a White Throated Honey Eater.

This cheeky one even hopped onto our balcony and helped itself to the pot plant's nectar. It is a Noisy Minor and it is not a very nice bird. It is very aggressive towards other birds and squawk noisily if other birds go into their territory. They chase them away and consequently very few birds will be found in their territory. Luckily we still have other birds visit.

Some of our residents like to work in the gardens as well as our employed gardener. This garden has been developed by Malcolm and Dot. It is next to the workshop. They have recently added a bright orange table setting.

Other residents, Beryl and Rex, find interesting wildlife in their garden.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


 I can't believe my eldest daughter turns 50 today. We can't celebrate together because she is on holidays in Tasmania but we did FaceTime this morning. I know I'm biased but I think she is an amazing person and I love her to bits. Here is a quick jaunt through her life:

First day at school.

Last year at school

First degree at uni, no pics of second degree.
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Built Environment.

Got married

Worked and travelled around the world.

Came home and worked hard.

Now she has been travelling Australia for the last 18 months. She loves hiking, running, cycling and painting.

Happy Birthday Carol-Ann.