Brisbane, QLD

Monday, June 24, 2019


For my birthday this year, with my friends and Birthday Bear, we went to Noosa Heads for a few days.  I like going to the beach in winter. It's not too hot and there are less crowds. We booked into Sun Lagoon Resort over looking a lagoon (of course), and Noosa River. We explored a little and had a delicious dinner at Rock Salt Restaurant.
View from our apartment

 We explored Noosa Heads where the river enters the Pacific Ocean.

The Birthday Bear Group

 I forgot to take photos of the delicious food except when dessert came with a birthday sparkler and the whole restaurant joined in singing Happy Birthday. By the time that was over the sparkler was finished. The dessert was Eton Mess, with berries, meringue and white chocolate mousse.

 Birthday Bear was waiting for me when we returned to our apartments after dinner. Chris dressed bear this time to reflect our golden anniversary last month. She was dressed in gold with gold shoes and balloon. Golden chocolate coins and table decoration were at her feet as well as a gorgeous photo of Bill and me with golden sequins inside the picture frame.

 This morning, Mary and I went for a walk along Noosa River to Hastings Street the main hub of the bustling tourist town. I didn't realise Mary had never been to Noosa before so I enjoyed showing her around.

The beach was empty this morning with the cool winter temperatures but it was crowded yesterday being a Sunday.

Monday, June 10, 2019


 It is cool and dark when I get up for a morning walk. By the time I set off the sun is rising over the village

 I enter the forest and I love the way the sun lights up the trees.

and how the rays colour the grass.

 As I wind my way through the forest the light changes direction.

 Nearly home the village is on the right.

 The trees in the village gardens look like they have been sprinkled with diamonds as the sun shines on the rain droplets from the night before.

 The people who enjoy playing in the workshed have made a series of beehives for our native bees. They are scattered throughout the village.

 Some residents have made beautiful gardens around their units.

When I arrived home my daughter and son in law were waiting to say goodbye as they return to Sydney after a quick visit. Carol had come to Brisbane to attend a 30 year reunion of her high school graduation. David visited his parents in north Brisbane then they came to see us for one night. It's always lovely to have a visit from them.