Brisbane, QLD

Friday, July 9, 2010


A few months ago the lemons started to ripen and the Tarragon was flowering. It made the garden look pretty.

The Tarragon flower.

Now the lemons are ripe. I have so many I have filled many bowls and supplied the neighbours.
I recently bought a black glass bowl to go with the new kitchen. It came in handy for lemons.
Some of them are giant lemons.
The apple is not small it is normal sized. You can read the story of my unusual lemon tree here


  1. What a wonderful gift of lemons. Lemons are expensive here. Sometimes I pay as much as $.50 a piece for a giant lemon such as yours.

    What do you (Bill) do with all the lemons' do you (Bill) make pies and other goodies?


  2. Lemons in the garden sounds very exotic to me, but I love tarragon ! This grows here too.
    Tomorrow our son will do a barbecue for my birthday, hopefully the weather stays dry ! Here you never know although today it's very hot 36°c !! Can't remember when that happened last time. If ever.

  3. I sooo love your new kitchen! And the black bowl with the yellow lemons is perfect!!

  4. Oh My Heart, Diane..... I want a lemon tree.... Do you have an orange tree and a grapefruit tree also?

    I would make all kinds of things with those lemons (lemon cake, lemon cookies, lemonade, etc. etc. etc.)... They are HUGE.... Wow!!! You are so lucky to have them!!!!

    Love your kitchen --and the black colors.

  5. Diane your lemons looks so wonderful! My husband's place of birth is in a town in Southern Italy where there are many lemon trees. They make a liquor called limoncello from the juice which is sweet and wonderful!

    Your kitchen is beautiful!

  6. Wow! I can't imagine that many lemons and that size. What a wonderful bounty! I went back and looked at your old post and the story of the tree/bush is fascinating.

    And somehow I rally want a glass of lemonade right now!

  7. Thanks for reminding me.....My lemon tree is jam-packed with large lemons..... I will take a photo today.

  8. Lucky you Diane having such bounty in your garden - I remember we had lemons in Africa years ago and loved making Lemonade. But they weren't as big as these. Lemons here are really dear - if you get 3 for a Euro it's a bargain, so they are only for treats - like preserves, and fruit salads to keep the colour of apples and bananas, and lemon meringue, and lemon curd. Yum! Thanks for commenting over at my post about the cricket jumper, is Australia green and gold as well? Cool! I didn't know that Lismore was in such hallowed company! They (the Lismore team) played against Lismore in Victoria once, Shayne (son) broke his collar bone in that one-day international in the local pitch back in 2000! And we are twin towns with Lismore in NSW. Small world indeed. The NSW Lismore must have had people from here go there in the past as their cathedral is St. Carthage's, same as our two cathedrals in Lismore - Catholic and C.of I. He was a monk back in the day, and is our patron saint. Lots of Ireland - Oz links already!
    All the best, Catherine.

  9. I am so envious. Currently I'm looking at the ones over the neighbours fence ripening. There just isn't a sunny enough spot for them to grow in my yard.

  10. Oops! Sorry Diane, have just lost my comment. I agree with Colleen that your lovely, large, home grown lemons look perfect in their new fruit bowl in your new kitchen.

  11. wow! GIANT LEMONS alright!!! Just went and listened to the Peter Paul and Mary song mentioned in your last lemon post...

    As I type this David is BBQing a chicken and a lemon would come in handy right now too!


  12. Your bird photos are beautiful, but I love your new kitchen. So pretty. Enjoy it, and I know you will. Yum!

  13. You need a bowl of lemons permanently in your new kitchen - they look the perfect stylish accessory.