Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some months ago we booked at a restaurant in Cleveland. The restaurant is famous for its slow cooked prime beef steaks, we had invited friends and told them what great steaks they had. When we arrived, the waitress told us that they had run out of those steaks but they would substitute another type of steak. It was very tough and not enjoyable. We felt embarrassed in front of our friends for inviting them to a horrible lunch. Bill wrote to the head office and complained. They apologised and sent us a $30 voucher for a return meal at the same restaurant.

So this weekend we thought we would use our voucher and invited a bunch of other friends. It was Swiss national day so we got in the spirit and wore red and Colin decorated the table with a Swiss flag. The waitress told us the prime beef slow cooked steaks were unavailable as their oven blew up and the meat was ruined. Bill couldn't believe his ears and explained that this had  happened last time we were here with friends and added we will never come again bla bla bla and can we see the manager. The manager came and tried to pacify the rattled customer. He explained that this time it was beyond their control bla bla bla. We ordered alternative meals and got on with conversations with our friends, which was difficult as it was very noisy there too and we were squashed up too close to the nearby tables. All in all it was a bit disheartening.

However, the meals arrived and we were pleasantly surprised that they were very tasty, so things were getting better and disgruntled customer was much happier. Towards the end of the meal the manager turned up again with another apology and a handful of discount cards, one for each person. They usually cost $50 but he was giving them to us free.We all got 25% off our meals and for every time we visit any one of the chain of restaurants from now on we will get 25% off our meals.

That made us all a bit happier when we paid the bill and left for a walk through the park to a nice coffee shop.

Us seniors have to stick up for ourselves. The meal was OK the company excellent and the sun was shining on this mild winter's day so all is good.


  1. Sorry i haven't been to visit blogs lately as I have been busy with friends and family. Will get to you as soon as possible.

  2. Oh dear... it is too bad that you were not able to order your favorite food twice in a row! Will you go back?

  3. Well if that happened to me I'd probably never go back to that place again.

  4. Oh gee, it's so embarrassing when you take friends to a place you'd raved about and it turns out really disappointing - but sounds like some good came out of it in the end.

  5. The manager really took care of all of you... My son is in the restaurant business --and he says that he will do anything to keep the customer happy... I do think I'd give the another chance---but maybe, the next time, I'd call first...

    Great pictures... Did Huggiebear behave himself????


  6. You winter days look like our sprin into summer days or summer into fall days.


  7. Betsy!!!!

    Have I EVER been known for misbehaving? Politeness personified if I so boldly say it myself! It was a great day and as Linda of C has pointed out, the weather was perfect for the middle of our Brisbane winters!!! And I for one will return with my 25% discount card.
    Colin (HB)

  8. So ... Fox and his parents have been visiting ... photos soon, yes?

  9. Well that's too bad Diane but I am impressed with the management of this place. I'm glad the manager came through.
    An English Girl Rambles

  10. Looks like it all worked out in the long-run. I really hate it when a restaurant disappoints like that!

    Enjoy your time with family (grandbaby?)....

  11. All ends well. It was nice that the restaurant handled the situation nicely. At least you left happy, and they have not lost their customers.

  12. What a hassle with the meal. Two times in a row is unbelievable. It was good you enjoyed the subsitute and got discount vouchers.

    The photos of the "new arrival" are lovely.