Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, November 26, 2022


 The weather is warming up. We had 33°C/91°F today. The trees are losing their bark and my walking buddies have taken off their jackets. On my walk yesterday  I saw a wallaby eating my neighbour's Gardenias, she let me get close and I could see she had a joey in her pouch with a foot sticking out.

Okay lady that's close enough.

When I got into the forest I saw a eucalyptus tree had lost its winter coat and it is showing off it's green dress.

My walking buddies are in summer clothes at 6:30 in the morning and the trees are turning white after dropping their bark and losing the green tinge.

We spotted a native orchid growing in the forest.

That evening we had our annual street party, everyone brings a plate, a drink and a chair. we all get on well in our street and enjoy each other's company.

As the sun went down we packed up and went home happy and full so we didn't need any dinner.

Friday, November 11, 2022


I walk in the mornings with my three friends for an hour through the forest or through the local park. In the afternoons I try to dig Bill out of his computer chair and go for a walk around the village. Yesterday I took some shots of the lovely gardens. It is difficult to have a brisk walk because neighbours keep stopping you for a chat but that is nice to feel part of a friendly community.
Gum Blossoms

Cactus Flower


Elly cutting a rose for me.

David and Diane look after this garden.

Janice has a nice tree. She came out for a chat and told us the flowers turn into blue berries.

The lilly pilly trees  are in flower

Rose arbor over the pedestrian entrance to the village.

A carpet python having a sun bake on a garden bench.We have quite a few visit at this time of the year. Pythons are not venomous but can bite if you annoy them.

Saturday, November 5, 2022


The Scenic Rim is a region in South East Queensland. It was named one of the best places to visit in 2022 by the travel publication, Lonely Planet. The Scenic Rim was named for its "diversity of attractions" — with the guide pointing out its rainforest adventures, "the misty slopes of Mount Tamborine town packed with cafes, cellar doors and galleries" and "hatted restaurant Homage, which specialises in creative paddock-to-plate fare". It also called attention to Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm, SummerLand Camels, and the area's "epic landscapes and charming country towns offering a tasty slice of rural life, with cracking Queensland hospitality in plentiful supply too”

It was formed about 23 million years ago when a large volcano erupted. After years of erosion the area has very fertile soil and mountains covered in rainforests.

Our retirement village social secretary organised for us to go on a bus tour to part of this area. We went to Templin Historical Village near the country town of Boonah. This area is beautiful lush farmland with the forest clad mountains in the background.

The historical village is in the Templin Area, which was settled by German migrants in the 1840’s and named after the town they came from in Germany. They farmed the land and petitioned the government to build them a school, which opened in 1892. No town was ever established and the population decreased when gold was discovered further north in Gympie. The school closed in 1974. However, the local historical society with support from the Boonah council and state government, developed the school site into an historical village. Over the years, significant local buildings have been relocated and filled with artefacts.

Old fashioned slates and inkwells in the desks.

The old slab hut was built in 1877.Slab huts were constructed by the early settlers.

Inside the kitchen. There are spaces between the slabs where the weather would come in.

The main living area contained a bed and table.

The old Boonah Shire Building housed pianos and an organ as well as other household items. Bill is tickling the ivories.There were many old buildings housing equally old artefacts but too many to put here.

After walking around the village for 2 hours we rested in the old school playshed and waited for the bus to take us to lunch. While I was waiting I walked to the little dam and took a shot of this beautiful jacaranda Tree.

There was a typical farm house across the road.

Then we were taken to an old country hotel for lunch
We enjoyed our day out. The Spring weather was perfect.