Brisbane, QLD

Monday, January 27, 2020


We celebrated Australia Day in the village. It started by one couple decorating their car and used a blow up doll for a cricket player. Everyone knows Aussies are mad about cricket. A friend helped and supplied the song to blare from the car as it slowly traversed the streets of the village. 'C'mon Aussie C'mon". Then we had lunch and games in the community centre.
 Our flag is red, white and blue but our sporting colours are green and gold. Go figure.

 We are encouraged to dress up. We arrived early to take photos .

Soon the hall filled with residents, friends and family.

Our visiting cricketer named Dennis Road, made himself comfortable at the bar.

 Our volunteer bar crew are loads of fun.

We had traditional fare for lunch. Sausage and onions in bread with tomato sauce, damper and lamingtons.


 Dennis Road, the cricketer, went to get his lady friend called Elle Ments to come and enjoy the fun at Elements Retirement Village on Dennis Road, Springwood.
On the right Kevin is proud of the lamingtons, that he made even though he is a pommy.

We had a thong throwing competition. See the yellow thong in the air. We call flip flops, thongs. A good time was had by all.

Friday, January 24, 2020


Too soon it was our last day on holiday in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The weather had warmed up and we spent the day on the beach.  Bernie's family (our SIL) own a beach house and a beach box at Rye Beach. We couldn't stay in their beach house because it is an airbnb too and it was rented out. We hadn't originally planned to go there until bushfires made it necessary to change our plans. Anyway we could use the beach box, where everything you need for a BBQ on the beach is stored. Lots of friends called in too. The boys went out in the motor boat to catch some fish for lunch.
 Granddad resting in the shade.

Just a short stroll to the beach and a kayak for the boys to have fun in. 

 The beach was very crowded on this day. It was still Christmas and school holiday time.

 There is no big surf as it is part of Port Phillip Bay. But is extremely suitable for children.

 People as far as you can see. We have been here when there has been no one on the beach at all.

Uncle David and Banjo brought their paints and set up in the shade.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


During our short holiday and get together in Mornington Peninsula, Sonya organised a morning at the "Peninsula Hot Springs" for the ladies. It is a huge complex of hot pools, spas, cold rooms, saunas, picnic areas , mud baths and just everything for well being.

 There are natural streams and lakes as well as constructed pools.

 We tried the newly constructed pools and then we did the old ones where its adults only.

We tried most of the different pools as we climbed to the top of the hill. Some were cool, some warm and some hot. We liked this one best at the top of the hill as we had a great view while we relaxed in the soothing water.

My daughters are the best!

The views as we leaned on the edge of the pool.
Another great morning. Then it was home to lunch and the boys.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


The first few days of our holiday in Rye, Vic, the weather was very cold but on the third day we woke to thick smoke blanketing the town. The fires were in eastern Victoria miles away but Melbourne and other parts of Victoria were covered in smoke. We had the worst air quality in the world on that day. (so unlike Australia). So we decided to have a day at home playing board games or digital games.
 The smoke covered the view of the Bay and it made us cough so we stayed inside until after lunch.

In the afternoon the smoke cleared and the sun came out and the temperature was warming up. So the family sneaked off to the beach while we were having a nap. When I woke I decided to find my way to the beach.It was a 15 min walk and another 15 min to walk along the beach track to find the family at their Beach Box (old boat shed). 

Sometimes the track was close to the sand and other times it wound through trees with the sea peeping through. I found the family who were packing up to come home. I got a lift home with them after we stopped to buy fish and chips for everyone. It turned out a nice day.

Friday, January 17, 2020


While we were on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Sonya and Bernie took us all to the Enchanted Adventure Garden. It was still cold but not windy. It is an amazing place for kids and adults alike.
We started at the Hedge Maze, where I was scared of losing my family but I followed David.

 Bernie, Carol, the boys, David and Sonya. (Bill stayed at home)

 The tree surfing activity covered a huge area but it was too advanced for our little boys.

 Banjo being cheeky.

 We were no where near the bush fires but the smoke drifted over the whole state of Victoria.

 We wobbled through the trees on the canopy walk.

 It was wobbly but it was fun with Sonya.

 This is where the zip line activity finished. The boys did the Bush Scramble, we had a race through the Spring Maze made from old bed springs. Then we went onto the 3D Maze and the Mirror Maze.

We finished up on the Tube Slides but David and I sat that one out. Soon it was time to return to our BnB for lunch and a snooze.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


On day 2 of our holiday on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Bernie took us to his favourite winery for a tasting, lunch and a walk through their sculpture park. Mornington Peninsular is quite famous for its wine.
  Banjo shows me the entrance to the "Pt Leo Estate Winery"

 It was a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sculpture park and Port Phillip Bay. Bernie uses his celebrity charm to organise us a good table and service. (For new readers, who don't know, our SIL is an actor.)

 The family, we only get together a few times a year as we all live in different states but at least they are all in Australia now. Carol and David lived in London for 9 years and Sonya and family lived in LA for 5 years.

 Starters: A carrot soufflĂ© and I can't remember the one below. I forgot to take the main course.

After lunch we were to walk around the sculpture park. Bill took one step outside and said, "i'm not going." The weather had turned windy and very cold. It was below 12°C with an icy wind off the South Pole. I couldn't believe the eastern part of Victoria was suffering a heatwave of  39°C and raging bushfires and here, just south of Melbourne, it was freezing.
 I started walking with the rest of the family but it was awfully cold and windy. The boys are used to this type of weather.
  I asked Fox to take a photo of me freezing.

 The sculptures were spread out over a big area and they were very interesting. The one on the right changed its shape when you looked at it from different angles.

This was my favourite of the few that I saw. I was too cold to bother taking photos of the information plaques so I can't tell you the artists.

 The others hurried off to see more but I 'baled' and returned to the warm restaurant. 

I'm a true Queenslander and love the hot weather.