Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


We have just returned from a three day road trip to Grafton and environs. Grafton is famous for its Jacaranda Tree lined streets. It is about a three hour drive from Brisbane south into New South Wales. This time we took the back road through the mountains. Unfortunately it was raining on and off but it was still pretty country and the rain turned the hills green.

We stopped at the Border Ranges National Park Lookout

We stopped in the old country town of Kyogle for coffee.
They still have an Art Deco building.

Arriving in Grafton

It doesn't matter where you look, up or down it is so beautiful.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


My Story continued:

Little Musician-Sonya 18 months
 Carol-Ann little artist 3 years
 TV Time
 Puzzle time
 Story Time
 Bed time

Saturday, October 20, 2018


In 1976 Sonya was growing into an active toddler and a playmate for Carol.
 Playing Outside

Playing Inside

 Ready for Bed

Thursday, October 18, 2018


My Story continued:

I have finally found time to get back to renovating old photo albums and scanning our old photos. While  I do this I write posts about past times which I will collate into a book, the third in "My Story " series.

In January 1976 we went to Sydney to visit Grandma, Granddad and Aunty Ada. They took us to the park to feed the ducks. Carol-Ann was three and Sonya one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


In the summer when it was very hot and humid, we would allow our dog, Ricky, to come inside into the air-conditioning. He was very gentle with, and very protective of the girls.
Sonya loved watching Carol play.

We had visitors stay with us for a while. They had been evacuated from Darwin, which had been completely wiped out by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve. They didn't lose their house but it had been structurally damaged. Werner and Bill had been friends when we lived in PNG.

Sonya was getting bigger every day and I could see the girls were going to be good friends.

Big sister

Our little family 1975

Carol-Ann had her third birthday party in Daisy Hill Forest picnic area with local friends mostly from our playgroup.

Happy Birthday Carol

We didn't go out much in those days but we went to the Lions Change Over Night when a new president and office bearers were sworn in. I was lucky to have wonderful neighbours who would baby sit. 
Bill received an award.

My little darlings. Sonya is nine months.

These pretty dresses were sent to me from overseas relatives. Carol won tiny tots Miss Naarilla at our local fair.

One day the playgroup went to the Lion Park at Beenleigh. It is no longer there.
Carol was frightened of the deer and I don't blame her.

My Mum and Dad and Aunt Ada drove from Sydney to Brisbane to visit us while Bill's Dad had flown from Switzerland to stay with us for a while. Bill's Mum didn't come because she had found it far too hot when she had come a few years before. Bill's Dad loved it here and would have stayed if only Bill's Mum would have liked it here too.

Christmas came but Sonya was not impressed with Santa. Carol wasn't too sure either.

However, on Christmas morning Sonya was happy to find toys in her cot.

 Carol liked her presents too.

Dad had to blow up the swimming pool toys.

There were more presents under the tree.

Bill's dad was a cabinet maker and he converted our old stereo into a bar. These were the days when every penny counted and we had to make do. I was a stay at home mum.

Trying to corral the family for a photo.