Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Although there is a threat of a second wave of virus in Brisbane we are still allowed to travel within the state remembering social distancing and wear a mask in crowded places. So we did a short trip today into the country. The weather was a beautiful sunny winter's day and the sky was so big and blue. The plan was to drive to Wyaralong Dam to practice flying the drone and then onto the country town of Boonah for lunch. When we got to the dam we discovered a small sculpture park there. Unfortunately there were not many with descriptions or artists names.
 Well we got the drone up and managed to bring it back safely without ditching it into the lake.

 It was a pretty place and not many people about. The grass is dry out here as it hasn't rained for ages.

 It was so quiet and peaceful.
Then we discovered a sculpture park and many picnic shelters with tables and benches. 

 I thought this one looked like a pelican

Night Swimmer and Fishing Rod in the background.

My Corner of the World

Saturday, August 15, 2020


We can have our monthly dinners again. It was a Moroccan Dinner. Marinated Lamb with fruit Quinoa Cous Cous, Tagine of Vegetables or Moroccan Braised Chicken, Quinoa Cous Cous, Asparagus and Broccolini. Dessert was Orange Meskouta with date Salsa, Cinnamon Cream and Pine nut Crumble.

We don't get to choose who we sit with. This is so we get to know other residents. We were lucky to be with our friends from England, Karen and Eddy as well as Diane Dennis, who lives across the road but has been friends with our CEO ever since she started building the village ten years ago. Diane's husband was a descendant of the Dennis pioneering family of this area. Our street is named Dennis Rd.

We start the evening with drinks.

One couple even dressed in traditional Moroccan clothes.

The lamb dish

The guest speaker spoke about her career in journalism via zoom because she had a cold.


Our Ceo thanks the chef and gives him a wedding present from the residents and her. The Rochedale High School catering students offered to help out with serving.

 The CEO and her staff used to organise the dinners but now she has asked the residentts to take over the job. So this lovely capable lady, Ann, has taken on the challenge. She has a band of helpers that has now become the Dinner Committee.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


I can't believe it is almost a month since I posted. I must admit my time has been taken up typing contents pages for my photo albums, 36 of them, from 1949 to 2009 after that I went digital. I also have some of my parents albums with photos from the 1920's and I just realised these photos are one hundred years old now. I wonder what will happen to digital photos stored on external drives in one hundred years time. New devices probably won't open the old drives. Think it is necessary to print some photos now for the future. They could be in photo books I suppose but depending on the ink used by publishers will depend on how long the images will last.
Just a few of the albums
We went for a walk in the forest to see the new boardwalk that has been built to replace the old one.
This is one of the shorter walks in the forest and it has been upgraded for disabled people.

Bill is going to attempt to fly his drone along the boardwalk.

It is pretty in the forest as the sun is going down.

The wallaby was hiding behind the tree

The home stretch. Bill is leaving the main track and going down a little path to our village.

I took some arty farty shots on the way.