Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Wompoo Fruit Dove (photo from the net)

Thanks to my SIL and his brother Jon, who is an environmental scientist, I have an ID for my window crash victim on the last post. Blogger Julie, from Sydney Eye, also identified it for me. Thank you friends I can add another bird to my list of known birds.


Three posts ago I had another identification problem, which Titania  from Yesterday Today and Tomorrow in my Garden, has solved for me. I didn't know the name of this flower and she has provided the answer. Thank you blogging friends....collective blog brainpower is handy.

Many of you have been asking how Bill is after his visit to the hospital for a few days to get his ICD implant replaced. Well as you can see he is home again soaking up some Vitamin D from our winter sun.
Thank you everyone for your best wishes and prayers, it obviously worked with some help from a very skilled heart surgeon. So now he is recharged for another 7-10 years. The flowers peeping into the corner of the photo are:

Zygo Cactus (Christmas cactus in the northern hemisphere)

a pink one

a red one, great winter flowers.


  1. That's a colorful bird, the flowers are pretty, like your balcony very relaxing and comfy, you don't need to go out to get Vitamin D, hope Bill is alright.

  2. What a beautiful bird the wampoo is .. I have never seen one. Your cactus are wonderful. I'm not sure about the identification of your mystery flower, when I did an image search on that name on the web none of them look like that, they look more like violets.

  3. Good old BB ... that looks very relaxing and warm. What book is he engrossed in?

    I had heard about the Wompoo from two Kimberley travellers from Townseille.

    I love the Christmas cactus. Mine is over all its flowering now. Yours are soooo colourful.

  4. no no no, it a Pigeon in fancy dress!

    And that looks like a good spot in the sun too! Makes me home sick!

  5. The Wompoo Fruit Dove is amazing. I've never seen or heard of such a bird. Great capture. P.S. Glad Bill is ready for another 10-20 years!!!

  6. Hi Diane, Glad you figured out what your bird was... Such a beauty... And I'm glad that Bill is doing so well... Enjoy that Vit. D....

    OH--I love your Cactus plants... How fabulous... All of those colors are so pretty.

    thanks for sharing such beauty.

  7. I think you Aussies have stolen all the worlds beautiful colors because I haven't seen so much beauty- color-fun in a while! Love the bird and Love that photo oh your hubby in the sun!

  8. Hi Diane, Yes it is a Wompoo fruit dove,Ptinilopus magnificus. It is a gorgeous bird. You are so lucky to see it. The zygos are so pretty and doing very well. Best wishes for Bill on his recovery.

  9. What a beauitful bird! I have never even seen a photo of one in a book before.

    Thanks for the information!


  10. The Wompoo Fruit Dove is a new one to me. It is certainly a beautiful bird Diane.
    You enjoy more winter colour in the garden than we do.
    Love the pics.

  11. Oops! Forgot to send my best wishes to Bill. In my thoughts and prayers Bill.

  12. Great news about your bionic man; glad the recharge worked.

    Cool that you got your beautiful bird and plants ID'd.

  13. That bird looks like it flew through a paint spray factory! It's beautiful. Never even heard of it before. Glad to see that pic of Bill too, and glad he's taking it easy for now.

  14. Is he naturally red or is it a victim of crashing into your place? LOL

    This is such a beautiful bird. I went to Currumbin Sanctuary, and I still can't get over the parakeets coming to drink milk from the dishes held by the tourists.


    Have you come across this flower that my brother in the Gold coast grow?

  16. The bird looks as if you had it painted (or did it yourself) It's good to see Bill sitting there and enjoying the winter sun ! These implants are great !

  17. What a beautiful bird and to think it's a dove. This is a first time for me too, diane. Good on you for grabbing your camera as you saw the bird on the deck. And your zygo cactus is stunning. So healthy looking. Our Emily had mine flowering profusely each winter while I was for three years. Then I returned and it never flowered. Now I live away again and we're both hoping it will reward her with blooms this year! So glad that Bill is on the mend. Take care. Jo PS Saw the grands this week and they all loved the gifts. Thanks again!

  18. Diane, the woompoo looks so much like a dove, buts its colors are amazing! I'm glad it was able to fly away after awhile.

    I'm also happy Bill is recovering well.

    Your Christmas cactus flowers are beautiful. I have one plant that blooms with scarlet flowers.

  19. I am glad you found out the bird id and the flower id. Your Christmas Cactus are beautiful, all three colors are gorgeous! Again, I am so happy Bill is home and recharged.

  20. Diane,
    Lovely to see your husband is recovering - the wonders of modern medicine -
    Lovely Cacti, they must be old?
    Take care,