Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, May 13, 2017


I can't believe it is over a month since I have posted. Retirement is so busy. Jo from South Africa has asked me to show more of the area to where I have moved. So here are some photos of the Retirement Village we have moved into. It is only a small village in comparison to the many others in Brisbane. We like it because it is in the same area where we have lived for many years. The rooms are big, the gardens are beautiful and the people are very friendly and not that old. There are great facilities and lots of activities. It is quiet and situated next to my favourite forest.

 This is our unit. There are 4 units in one building. Two upper apartments and two lower 'Garden Apartments' There are no stairs but road access to both the upper and lower apartments. The village is built on a sloping hillside. We have 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, gararge, laundry, kitchen, dining and living area with two balconies, one at the front and one at the back with views of the forest clad hills.

 This is our street called 'Tranquil Ave'.

 This is the other end of the street where I enter the forest for my morning walks. At the moment more units are being built on the other side of the road.

 This is the back of our apartment, the upper level. The lower level has a bigger garden in the front and a courtyard garden at the back but no view except of their pretty gardens. No one is living under us yet. This is the lower road called, 'Joy Place'.

 At the end of each street there is an orchard and we can help ourselves to the fruit.

Running through the middle of the village from the top of the hill to the bottom is a water course garden. It goes down four levels of streets.

At the end of our street there is a Japanese designed Zen Garden, where one can read or meditate or just stroll around.

 On special occasions traditional Japanese visit.

 A fence surrounds the garden to protect the plants from wallabies.

 A nice place for grandparents and grand children

So Jo, I hope this gives you a better idea of where I live. Bill says its like being on holiday in a resort but with your own furniture. See more of the village here;