Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


 We have some people in our village who are always on the go and looking for things to do besides participating in the regular activities available. Two guys, John and Allen, decided that the bamboo fence surrounding our special Japanese Zen Garden was starting to look a bit tatty. It had been erected over ten years ago and the bamboo was rotting. So they asked the powers to be if they could put up a new fence if the administration paid for the materials they would do the work. It was agreed.

So John, Allen and quite a few others pulled down the old fence and put up a new steel fence but they will install a new bamboo fence in the front of the garden to keep the authentic Japanese appearance. 

I thought residents came here to retire and relax and play not work like crazy. But I think these two enjoy it very much.

Allen fixes the gate

John makes a new entry to the Nursery next to the Workshop.

They built a handrail to the nursery and renewed the fence between the nursery and the back of the Zen Garden.

Other residents helped remove the old fence.

Allen prepares the posts for the new panels.

The finished fence on the western side of the Zen Garden

Looking into the Zen garden, you can see the original bamboo fence in the front of the garden.

Looking over the waterfall into the Zen Garden from the Workshop garden. The boys only put up a wire safety fence here as it looked good with the two gardens blending together.

The new fence on the Eastern side.

These two guys are doing an amazing job. Would you believe they are both having Knee replacements next week.

Saturday, March 19, 2022


 Our wonderful Dinner Committee organised a great St Patrick's Dinner in the Community Centre. We were asked to wear something green and everyone did. We had songs and jokes. Every table had words to an Irish Song but only two tables had the same song. When we heard the music playing for our song everyone at the two tables had to stand up and sing. We all enjoyed it.

Our hall was full. Our Managing Director, Chiou See, invited residents from her other village too.

Bill enjoying a Guinness with his friend.

Jan and Ian organised the singing game.

Two tables at a time had to stand and sing the song that was put on their table.

Nannette was busy making cocktails. The bar staff are resident volunteers.

Emerald Eyes Cocktail

The menu was Pea and Mint Colcannon Chowder & Lamb Ragout or Mustard Colcannon Chowder & Corned beef w Soda Bread, Dessert was Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake w Baileys Cream Cheese Icing. (Forgot to snap the main course.)

We didn't have any Irish Dancers this year but our very own line dancers danced to Irish music.

We had fun! 

Our MC Ian giving thanks to the Chefs and Rochdale High School Catering Students, who serve us and help in the kitchen. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022


The sun came out for a few days at the same time as the residents and staff organised a farewell party for Gary, our maintenance man. He wants to pursue a career in horticulture. So we combined Happy Hour with a Farewell Party for Gary. The Covid restrictions were lifted in Queensland on the same night so we didn't have to wear masks. (Hopefully we all stay well as there are still many cases a day reported.)

We had a good time catching up with village friends. Chiou See, our managing director gave a thank you speech and presented some gifts from the residents and the staff. He got two hot air balloon trips and a ticket to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Gary is a lovely person and did a great job at fixing all our maintenance problems, quickly and efficiently. I hope we get a good replacement.

Our lovely next door neighbours.

Chiou See thanking Gary and giving him some gifts.

Bill videoing Gary's thank you speech

Residents showing their appreciation.

Friday, March 4, 2022


After three days of sunshine, it has started to rain again with a loud thunder storm this morning. I feel sorry for the poor people who had started to clean up their houses and businesses. There was a lot of furniture and belongings piled up on the footpaths but the new storm just washed all the rubbish into the river.

Flooding the bus station

Water receding.

Clean up starts

          Rains again.  
 Photos taken from news articles.