Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last week Carol and David spent a day at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art). They love art galleries and have visited many in Europe but they think our GoMA is very good and a cool place to visit in hot weather. We joined them for lunch at the GoMA restaurant. The restaurant always change their menu to compliment the latest art exhibition. At the moment it is the 6th Asian Pacific Triennial Contemporary Art exhibition, so the menu was Japanese.

We started by sipping an Australian red.

David had eye fillet.

Carol and Bill had chicken curry.

I had garlic prawns.

All the meals were delicious. We decided to have a stroll through the gallery before going home. They allow photos but not flash. These days there are less and less pictures on the walls (oops should say static displays) and more and more installations. The first one to catch my attention was this:

It is hanging from the ceiling in the corridors. This is looking up at it from the ground floor.(above)


This is looking down at it from floors above.


It is made of six thousand A3 sheets of paper held together with bulldog clips.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be bothered taking notes on the artists or the names of their art works, but I was entertained with what I saw. 

My friends, Judyth and Richard, left a comment on my blog and they have kicked my butt and dragged me out of my lethargy and coerced me into looking up information about the art that I saw. Judyth is a curator of an art gallery. So here is the missing information.

The above piece is called Cloud by Wit Pimkanchanapong

Cloud responds to and transforms the dramatic interior spaces of the Gallery of Modern Art. Comprised of A3 paper, bulldog clips and metal wire, this piece is based on a signature motif that Pimkanchanapong initially developed for a rock concert venue to create a cheap, effective means of transforming the environment. Wit trained as an architect.

Judyth and Richard's comment:

WE are with Carol and David, Diane.

No visit to a major city should be concluded without taking in the galleries (or museums as they're known in the US).
So we're sure your goodself and Billy B. would take in the works on display in good old (and expensive) Switzerland when you're there.
And yes, in Museums of MODERN Art installations are more prevalent than static displays --- read, pictures hung from the walls.
New York, London and Paris have some of the world's most famous galleries. Berlin has an entire precinct devoted to gallleries/museums.
It's a sheer delight to wander around these iconic places. Will we have to Google the Brisbane establishment to discover the artists' names for the installations you have captured.

Piccies without captions leave the job half-done !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sonya and Bernie were only here for the weekend from Sydney. While here in Brisbane, Bernie rang his brother, Steve, who lives on the Sunshine Coast. Steve told Bernie that their sister, Margaret, was also on holiday on the coast. So it was arranged that we all go to Mooloolaba Surf Club for lunch the day after our belated Christmas celebrations.

It is a great view from the Surf Club restaurant.

Looking east

Looking north.

Looking south

Enjoying a seafood platter for lunch It was the first time that Carol and David had met Bernie's brother and sister and their families. From left to right: David, Carol, Nadine, Steve, Lachlan (hiding), James, Margaret,Georgia, Jason, Sonya, Bernie and Bill. Both Bernie and Steve are actors and it was quite interesting watching the people recognising them and asking for photos etc.

After lunch we drove to Point Cartwright and had a walk along the Mooloola River bank. It was very hot and people were cooling off in the water. The young ones all stopped here for a swim but Bill and I decided it was too hot and set off for home. We said our goodbyes to Sonya and Bernie as they were going directly to the airport to fly back to Sydney.

We passed the marina on the way back to the car (and air conditioning.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Because we knew the young ones were coming here in late January we postponed Christmas until now. Inside we had buffet salads, prawns and BBQed Snapper Fish and.......

..........we went outside to eat in the warm evening air.For dessert we had Alma's famous trifle. Our guests were from left to right, Bernie, Sonya (hiding behind Bernie), Carol, David, Bill, Alma,(David's parents) Steve, Melody (David's sister), Erica (hiding)and Jon,(David's brother), and BB.

After dinner was our traditional gift giving time. David is giving out the gifts. It was an enjoyable evening with family.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today is Australia Day, celebrating Captain Arthur Phillip planting the British flag in Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788. Arthur Phillip arrived with eleven ships of convicts and soldiers and started the first European settlement where Sydney now stands. He became Governor of the eastern half of Terra Australis called the colony of New South Wales. Little regard was given to the aboriginal population.

This weekend we were also celebrating the homecoming of Carol and David from London and the imminent birth of Sonya's baby.

Breakfast (muesli and fruit salad) on the balcony with......

....from left to right, Bernie, Bill, Carol and Sonya (David was at his parents house)


Sonya, a happy mother to be. (My baby having a baby)


It is a very hot, long weekend  at 35C°

Friday, January 22, 2010


We have had an empty nest for 13 years but now and then the young ones return for a visit and this weekend is one of those times. Our eldest, Carol-Ann and husband David have returned to live in Australia after after living in London for seven years.

They have arrived in Brisbane via Singapore. Here comes Carol for a hug.

Nothing feels better than a hug from a loved one after being apart for a long time.

Carol came home with us and David went home with his parents to Sandgate but on Thursday we all went over to Sandgate for fish and chips by the bay, it was very breezy. They look happy to be back in a warm place after freezing London. After lunch we went to the airport to pick up our youngest daughter, Sonya and partner Bernie, who came from Sydney to visit. We were all looking forward to seeing the baby bump.

It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to see your daughters hug each other.

That sure is a new look Sonya, who has always been thin. iPop in the background looking very proud.

All home and excited to be together again and with something extra special to be excited about. Carol is waiting to feel a kick from her nephew.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Made it to Singapore

 Carol and David were lucky to take off from Heathrow just before another snow storm struck. Their phones didn't work in Singapore so it was a day before they could get to send us an email to say that they had arrived in Singapore safely but not without drama. They are staying there for a week's holiday before continuing home next Tuesday.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodbye London

Our daughter, Carol-Ann and son-in-law, David are leaving London tomorrow (Sunday), after living there for seven years, to return home to Australia. We are madly excited but they have the hard task of saying goodbye to their friends and the city they love. Nature has sent them the coldest, whitest winter to farewell them. In the past few weeks they have been visiting friends and their favourite places to say goodbye. Here are some photos they have just sent us.

David on West Hamstead Station.

Carol-Ann at Oxford Circus.

The following are snowy shots from around their neighbourhood of Hamstead.

We are all hoping they are able to fly out of Heathrow without too much hassle with the bad weather, but it is highly likely there will be delays. I just hope they get home safely. What a difference in temperature they are going to experience it is so humid and hot here at the moment. I hope they adjust quickly.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mural Madness

Some mornings we walk around the ring road in Daisy Hill Forest.

Then BB drives to the shop to buy the paper and I walk home.

See the electricity poles? Each one has a mural.

As I leave the forest there is a mural on a fence.

Then on each pole that I pass.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Ring Tailed Possum.

Brush Tailed Possum. I think it is done to help prevent graffiti. I'm not sure if I like them or not. I guess it gives budding artists a job.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Haven't Done That for a Long Time

Six oldies decided to see in the New Year. We all met at Helen and Paul's, where we had a quick but delicious take away Chinese meal. Then we walked to Salisbury Station to catch the train to South Bank and the theatre.

There were not many on the station but the train was almost full of revellers, all going to South Bank for the fireworks display.

We arrived early for the concert. We watched the 8:30 fireworks and the light display on the treasury building. I had my little camera and no tripod so all the shots are blurry.

The blue moon looked like part of the city decorations. The Victoria Bridge is in the foreground.

Waiting for the Pop Orchestra to start the New Year Concert

The last song at midnight was Auld Lang Syne and then balloons were released and we had been given streamers to throw. It was a good concert with nice classical pieces . Then we tried to find a good spot to see the fireworks but we weren't too successful. This is what fireworks look like without a steady tripod. There was a light in the way but it looks sort of pretty.

With thousands of others we headed for the station. We felt a bit strange as there were no others belonging to our generation. Bill wasn't impressed with the crowded train, but at least we were lucky to get a seat. We were happy to arrive at Salisbury and fight our way off the train and walk back to Helen's house in the fresh air. We had a cup of tea and biscuit before driving home and dropping into bed at 2:30. We haven't done that for a long time.