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Sunday, April 29, 2012


On the morning of April 27 at 5:00am we had tap on our bedroom door.  Sonya announced her time had come to go to the hospital and so we were on Fox duty. Off they went and luckily not much traffic at that time so they were at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Centre within 13 mins which was Bernie's all time record as he had practiced it before. 2 hours later Banjo Foster Curry at 9 pounds came into the world via natural means without pain killers. I can't believe how tough is my daughter.
Banjo Foster Curry

Fox meets his new brother, Banjo.

Pooped mummy
proud Grandma

Fox was an angel when he woke up and called for mummy and I went in to pick him up and change him. I thought we would have tears when he found Mummy and Papa had gone. We told him where they had gone and he seemed okay about it. We gave him breakfast, played with him and took him to the park. Then it was home for lunch and a nap. Luckily Bernie, all excited, came home from the hospital in time to put Fox to sleep, as he's a bit fussy about who puts him in his cot.
proud Granddaddy

Sonya and Banjo came home from hospital today earlier than advised but Sonya couldn't sleep there from all the interruptions. So it has been a very exciting, busy day for all of us. Sonya is very tired and Banjo isn't sleeping much between feeds. Fox has been very good and is getting used to baby but still a little put out that mummy is still not very active.

It has taken me all day to get this post done, in between playing with Fox, rocking the baby, fixing snacks, washing clothes and washing dishes. Much more busy than being at home, but we are very proud grand parents.
Keeping Grandma busy.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Those of you following TOH's blog will have already seen this adventure but you may like to read my side of the story.
On our second day here in LA, Bernie and Sonya took us to the Train Museum. I'm not sure who was the most excited, little Fox or Grandaddy. Yes we've changed his name from the traditional Swiss Grossvati to Granddaddy because Fox calls him 'daddy' which is okay because he calls Bernie 'Papa'.
Our happy little man.

Proud grandparents.

No comment.

Mummy and Papa have a little rest.

While Fox plays with big trains and

Little trains. The museum was free or by donation. We were impressed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We left home at 9.15am on Sunday and arrived in Hollywood at 2:00pm on Sunday after crossing the international date line and went back a day, we were traveling for about 20 hours.
We had to be at Brisbane airport 2 hours before departure. The iPad came in handy. We joined all the young ones with their noses in iPads or laptops as there was free Internet at the airport.

We traveled with Air New Zealand

and we were impressed with the Premium Economy seats and service.
It took 3 hours to NZ where we waited for two hours before connecting with the flight to LA. That took another 12 hours. Bernie met us at the airport and drove us to West Hollywood where our little family live.
We were met at the door by one excited little Fox.

I started Grandma duties straight away.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


We are off to LA, USA tomorrow morning to baby sit this gorgeous little guy. I'm sorry I haven't had time to visit any of you today. I will try to blog from my iPad and visit you if I can. If not see you in five weeks.

Fox 23 months.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Yes! Believe it or not, I got TOH out doors again. I want him to be fit for our trip to LA on Sunday. This time we visited Alexander Clark Park at Loganholme, fifteen minutes drive from home. It had been raining and I was trying to juggle an umbrella and my point and shoot camera. So the shots are not clear as I was moving and holding the camera with one hand.
 It is a pretty, well maintained park, which borders the Logan River.

 Every now and then there is a pontoon for boats and for us to see the river, 

which is brown from all the rain we have been having.

We walked in a circuit, by the river, through the forest and past many BBQ areas and children's playgrounds. This one intrigued us. It was like a rail line with these pedal bikes that went along the track. We hope we can take our grandsons there one day.

Uh Oh ! TOH has spotted our car, he's picking up the pace on the home run.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Time for another walk with TOH (The Other Half). We try to chose a different park each time. This time it was Springwood Conservation Park. The walk starts five minutes away from our front door and the circuit takes nearly an hour. It is pretty and shady with quite a few hills.
 Early morning light .

 We like this part even though its steep the path passes some nice rock formations and lovely lush ferns.


On the home stretch.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This post is for Taphophile Tragics, people who enjoy wandering through cemeteries. 
(I must admit that this was an email sent to me and I did not take any of the photos but I thought it would entertain some taphophiles over at Julie's meme.)

 People from Broken Hill will remember from their younger days this icon of the city. He used to go to all the public functions,  especially the picture theatres. He always carried a sugar bag to collect empty bottles and cans.
His name was Albert (Tapper) Torney.  Everyone thought he was a bit eccentric and kids would tease and hassle him. However, it was discovered that he was very talented. He only sold the empty bottles and some of the cans. 
After he died in (1998 aged 86) his large collection of model cars which he made from the aluminium cans was discovered. This goes to prove... “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, or a sculptor by his sugar bag.

It looks suspiciously like someone has added the cans and bottles to this photo.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


While we were in Stanthorpe we visited Strawberry Fields, a farm where you could pick your own.

Diana was keen to do that.

First the flower

Then the fruit

Rows and rows of them

Now the eating, yum yum. We bought ours from the shop at the same price as PYO. I am not keen on bending over for long time due to a prolapsed disc. Since we have been home we have made a strawberry pie and a strawberry crumble.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


 As mentioned in the last post, we spent  two days at Stanthorpe a beautiful town in the ranges. It was settled by Italians and their heritage is still very obvious in the district. Vineyards and orchards are everywhere. There are also Italian stores. The first night we had our Judo Club Reunion dinner at Anna's Italian Restaurant and it was delicious.
The next day we stopped by "Vincenzo"s" store and cafe for morning tea coffee. Can you believe this motley bunch of wrinklies used to do Judo. 
 All the tables had beautiful fresh roses another thing that grows well up there.

 The store was full of Italian delicacies like these sausages.

Lots of wine and liqueurs.

After morning tea we drove to an attraction called "Law Dogs Australia"
 It is where dogs, mostly German Shepherds are trained to be  protection dogs and detection dogs. This one is big Kye. He had powerful jaws and could knock a man down in a flash.

This is another one (I can't remember his name), in fact the trainer's favourite. Very intelligent and easy to train.

They start real training at 18 months but puppies are introduced to the idea early by giving them social skills . It was an informative show. I love German Shepherds, we used to have one years ago. He had loads of personality and was protective of our girls.