Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, May 12, 2024


 Some readers probably know that I have been suffering from sciatica since September last year. It gradually got worse and worse until I could hardly walk. I had physiotherapy,  I had a cortisone injection into my spine and all to no avail. Finally my GP said it looks like an operation. I was mortified. Many people I know who have had spine operations have not been cured and have had to go back for more. However, I went along to the neurosurgeon for his diagnosis. He was armed with my X-rays and showed me the problem and how he could fix it. He said you can take pain killers of have a keyhole operation to remove the ligament inside the spinal column which was causing the problem. I said I'll try the pain killers. He said okay but you'll be back.  After a few more months of pain, I bit the bullet and consented to the operation, which took place last week. I was only in hospital overnight and sent home dosed up with pain killers and an anaesthetic injection.

Our lovely daughters were here to help out at home. Carol flew from Melbourne for a week and worked remotely. Sonya has moved to Brisbane but she was learning a new job and settling the boys into a new school while Bernie had a job, which sent him away for a while. However, they came over to see me when I came home from hospital.

The moment Carol brought me home.

The next day Sonya and family came to visit with their cute dog, Chief, the Border Terrier.

The next day the meds had worn off and the pain kicked in. Every time I moved it was agony. Anyway, I upped the painkillers to real strong ones, which made me feel drunk and loopy, so I stopped them and took milder ones. Carol was a great help doing everything for me. Bill also did as much as he could. After a week and constipation, I finally am starting to feel human again with no sciatica.

Carol had to return to Melbourne on Saturday so on Friday night we had a get together with Sonya's family in their rented house in a Brisbane inner suburb. Carol drove us over to their house and she made a cake for Fox's fourteenth birthday.

We were celebrating Fox's Birthday, our 55th Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day and the sale of Sonya and Bernie's house in Melbourne so they can buy one here now. It was my first outing since my op. Lots to celebrate. We ate cheese and crackers washed down with wine (not me on pain killers) while Bernie cooked dinner.

The best mother's day present is to be with our girls.

Bernie was home from his job and he whipped up a pizza party. 

We sang Happy Birthday

Then it was time to say goodbye. 
Carol took this photo of the Brisbane part of the family now. We are so happy to have them home. (But now Bernie is separated from his mother and four siblings and Sonya from her sister.)
Carol is back in Melbourne now and we are slowly getting back to normal. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2024


 Sonya's family arrived from Melbourne two weeks ago. The boys have only had a few days at school. They have had to learn the route to walk home from school. So much for them to get used to. Then it was Banjo's birthday last weekend. He hasn't been at school long enough to make any firm friends so he had a family only day. 

His dad cooked him his favourite breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup.

He was excited to receive a book that he had wanted about "How Things are Made".

Then they had a restful time on their deck  before coming over to our place for lunch.

After lunch we had the cake and presents. Banjo loves lamingtons so I built him a cake from lamington squares and fingers. I am not a cook so this was easy for me and he loved it.

We gave him a few presents including my old iPhone 12 Pro. He was overjoyed as he was the only one in the family without a phone.

It is so good having them live in Brisbane. The next day Sonya and Bernie took the boys for a surprise visit to Movie World on the Gold Coast, as a treat for Banjo's 12th birthday.