Brisbane, QLD

Friday, November 20, 2020


Our monthly dinner had a Caribbean theme this time. Many of the residents got into the swing and wore brightly coloured outfits. The High School catering students, who usually serve us were not able to come this month because it is the end of the school year in OZ and the students have their exams. So the dinner committee organised a captain for each table who helped the staff to serve. The CEO also helped cook while the chef was our guest speaker instead.

The menu: 

Salmon with Coconut & Lemon Myrtle with Cajun Spiced Cauliflower Wings and Chickpea, Orange ,Tomato &Fennel Warm Salad 


Jerk Chicken with Couscous and Gremolata, Grilled Lime with Avocado, Mango, Pineapple and Mint Salsa and Cajun Spiced Cauliflower Wings 

Dessert : Pineapple and Lime Cake with Pina Colada Ice-Cream, Coconut Foam and Fruit Coulis

The videographer at work and residents getting cocktails from the bar.

Nanette decorates the cocktails

Friends enjoy a cocktail

One of the resident's son plays dinner music for us.

All seated

The ladies having fun

Our table

Friday, November 13, 2020


     We went to New Farm Park to photograph the beautiful Jacaranda trees but unfortunately the rain from the day before had knocked down most of the blooms. So we went to the Power House next to the park to see the Brisbane Portrait exhibition.

There were some Jacaranda trees still with blooms.

Fallen blooms floating in the puddles.

A self portrait by Pat Hoffie depicting her visiting her daughter in hospital after she contracted Covid I9 after not seeing her for 6 weeks.

Anne-Marie Zanetti painted Dean Merlo who's name is synonymous with coffee. He is a famous for introducing Australia to Merlo Coffee. The Power House was repurposed and renovated some time ago to house exhibitions, theatre performances and restaurants. Much of the machinery and later graffiti remains in the building.

Rick Everingham painted Vince Anello famous for his hospitality and humour at his Deli in New Farm.

Jaq Grantford painted his friend, Andrew Betterham, a famous Brisbane musician. If you look closely there are millions of music notes surrounding him.

Friday, November 6, 2020


 First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Melbournians for tolerating months of lockdown, but you have done it! No cases for a week. Hopefully, you can start to enjoy life again a little. All states in Australia are down to zero or single digit cases now. We have adhered  to strict restrictions and now we are so lucky compared to Europe and USA. 

Every year on the second Tuesday in November, The Melbourne Cup horse race is run. It is our most famous race nicknamed,  'The Race That Stops a Nation' because everyone stops at 3:00 pm to watch the race. There are many parties and sweeps arranged around the country. However, due to Melbourne's Covid restrictions the race was run without the thousands of spectators that usually go dressed in their best or most outlandish costumes and hats.

Naturally, our village joined in the fun. The staff organised a luncheon and viewing of the race in our community centre.   We had prawns, chicken, salad and bread rolls a typical race day lunch. We had winners of the sweeps and winners of the best dressed. Annie, one of our residents, made hundreds of hats for us to hire for $5 and then she donated the money to an animal refuge.

Staff and residents prepare the lunch.

Our CEO prepared the salad.

Chiou See (CEO) explaining how lunch will be served to accommodate the Covid regulations (No buffets allowed)

We had lunch with village friends on our table.

Our village blow up mannequin came along as a jocky. Gwen and Sandra have fun with him.

Everyone stops to watch "The Melbourne Cup". We watched it on the big screen in the hall.

Bill's sweep horse came first.

After lunch chocolates.

The best dressed gents.

The best dressed ladies.

The staff relax at last after organising our Melbourne Cup Lunch.

We had fun. The race was also shown on the TV in the Library, which is at the end of the hall. The many hats for hire were on display there too.