Brisbane, QLD

Monday, July 5, 2010


Carnarvon Gorge in Carnarvon National Park (since 1932) is an unspoiled habitat in the Queensland's Central Highlands.  Towering white sandstone cliffs form a steep sided gorge with lush narrow side gorges. Boulder strewn Carnarvon creek winds through the gorge. There is a wealth of cultural and natural heritage here.
There are 25k of walking tracks.

Aboriginal art site. Baloon Cave

We climbed into this crevice which opened into an "amphitheatre" (see inside in an earlier post)
The sun shimmers on the palm fronds.
A dead palm frond
There is an abundance of flora and fauna.

Google Map couldn't get into Carnarvon Gorge but it goes to Injune which is the nearest town (130k/80m away). We had travelled 1300k/785m from Brisbane.
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  1. Queensland is a beautiful state! The cliffs, the rainforest, the moss, rock pool, waterfall, and aboriginal art in the caves... so many natural wonders to see in just a few days.

  2. Thanks, Diane, for including the maps. That way I don't have to try to find it on my own.

    Hard to believe that those palm trees grow in all that wet.

    Are you guys ever going home again? :)

  3. Thanks Diane for showing us more of the gorge. I LOVE it.... Amazing place --including that little waterfall!!!! I also appreciate seeing the map --which helps me know where you were... Thanks!!!!

    I love that one picture of the sun on the Palm trees. The coloring is fabulous in that picture.


  4. What a beautiful place! I love going on your adventures, and wish I could be there in person. I'd be snapping so much I'd probably get a fingertip blister!!

  5. Diane, I love that gorge too! Great photos from your walk. The Aboriginal art site is a cool site.

  6. Mountain thyme...We are actually home again now. I'm just showing more photos that I didn't include while we were on the road. Thanks for following our adventures and hope I have given you an idea of what Queensland is like.

  7. I've heard about Carnarvon Gorge but never had tghe chance to go there. Thanks for showing these lovely photos, the first two river ones are like crystal. Great shot of the dead palm frond.
    It's colder inside than it is outside today, and your Queensland weather is looking prertty good.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  8. I am really enjoying your additional photos of the trip. The gorge is one of the places you left me wanting to see more after your first post. The Aboriginal art site is fascinating.

  9. What a gorgeous place and this painting is so interesting !
    You certainly saw a lot !

  10. These are really incredible photos!! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.

  11. Really good shots Diane, You are really getting the hang of your camera. . I had heard there was excellent aboriginal artwork at Carnarvon so its nice to see your photos of that.

  12. Hi Diane! Wow! What a fabulous walk...

    Blogtrotter Two is showing some incredible rocks by the sea... Enjoy and have a great week!

  13. Wow - looks like scenes from Jarassic Park! Love the adventure...

  14. Oh my goodness what a lovely place to visit! Thank you for sharing your adventure and you are most welcome to visit and share anytime. Wishing you well!! Cathy

  15. Wonderful trip with you to the Carnarvon Gorge, Diane..... such beautiful clear photos.
    And great to see you on Adventure Trip Express.