Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While in Marybrough we came across a statue of Mary Poppins.

Although I couldn't find out who did the sculpture we did find out that it is there in memory of the author of  the Mary Poppins books.  P.L. Travers was born in Maryborough in 1899.

She was born Helen Lyndon Goff in the residence above the bank behind my friends . Her father was the bank manager. She was a novelist, actress and journalist and left for London in 1924 where she died in 1996.

Her books were adapted to film and musical theatre. Further down the street were more sculptures every 50 metres........ 

...........depicting scenes and excerpts from her books.

We also visited Queens Park in Maryborough where there was a band rotunda that was bequeathed by Janet Melville in memory of her brother who was the mayor. The entire structure was imported from Scotland in 1890.

Many trees were planted in the park before 1900. This is a huge Banyan tree with........
....aerial prop roots, which hold up the branches. (The council have helped by using metal ones too, see above)

The Mary River was named after Governor Fitzroy's wife, Mary, in 1884. The guns were given to the community by the Navy in 1914, when they updated their arms for WW1.


  1. I remember that incredible tree, Diane, very interesting city.

  2. I knew the author was Australian bit did know what town she came from. My niece is a big Mary Poppins fan and is collecting all the books.

  3. Wow you have seen a lot of very beautiful and interesting things ! This tree is amazing ! and Mary Poppin looks soooo british, even the shoe size !

  4. What lovely arty history in this post, diane and the beautiful buildings in the post of Maryborough below. And all soooo clean. *Sigh* Thanks for sharing. Jo

  5. Love that tree! I've never seen anything like that - thanks for posting ;-D

    And those art pieces? Lovely!

  6. The Mary Poppins in Traver's book is very different from the Disney version. I remember enjoying the books as a child. It was nice to see some of the author's hometown.

  7. What a lovely City and how great to remember their native daughter in that way.

    I second the remark of the commenter above -- the books are very different from the movie; I hate that so many kids grow up only knowing the Disney version of many old-favorite books. Oh well....I am ancient and times change ;>)

  8. Fantastic place and how interesting that the author of Mary Poppins was from there.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. It was unexpected to see Mary Poppins! never new the author was from Australia. Now I'm wondering what else she wrote...I'll have to google her.

    That banyan tree is amazing too.

  10. I'm catching up again! That BAnyan tree is amazing!!! I loved the Mary Poppins stories (and movie, and Julie Andrews too for that matter)... I did not know that Travers was from Australia!! That is so cool!!

  11. i've seen some huge banyan trees in asia but that has to be the biggest. there's one in bali that grows in the middle of the road and they've made a little tunnel for cars, buses etc to pass through.