Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We jumped out of bed early as we were in the first group to go on the scenic flight over Lake Eyre. After breakfast, the coach took us the short distance to Marree airport, where we boarded the small plane. There were 13 passengers but one sat next to the pilot. Bill volunteered.
We all hoped that he read the instructions.

After an hour of flying over multi coloured, flat desert we arrived at the edge of the lake, it was quite breathtaking.

Lake Eyre with its salt pan edges and pink tinge caused by a bacteria living in the water.

The colours were unreal.

The salt and water stretched as far as we could see. It is huge and doesn't usually have water in it. At the moment it is very shallow, about 1.5 m. When it is rarely full, the max depth is 4m.

There are channels, bays, lagoons and salt mounds.

The morning sun shining on the water and salt pan looked eerie.......

....and dazzling, as we headed for the northern shores.

We flew further north towards Cowarie Station, criss crossing over the Warburton Creek, which was carrying water to the lake all the way from north Queensland. This creek is often dry and only flows when there has been more than usual rain in the north (like this year)

Birthday Bear was impressed with the views of the lake from the small plane. She looks like she might be having a bad hair day.


  1. Awesome. It looks dryer than when we were there and is actually more spectacular as a result.

  2. Firstly, THEY got the apostrophe wrong ... wrong ... wrong!

    And I agree with Joan. The photos are just spectacular! I love winding rivers viewed from on high.

  3. Thats just amazing - you do have some fantastic adventures. xxx

  4. Unbelievable ! what a view ! it really looks unreal !

  5. Amazing photo's of the lake, at last you had a good view.

  6. great pics...especially the last one (not excluding the caption) :)

  7. Very cool photos, must have been an incredible sight to see first-hand and Birthday Bear is getting a seasoned traveler isn't she? Fun post!

  8. What an experience? Not too many people have this chance to see the Lake with water in it and with the continuous rain in the channel country, the Lake just might reach maximum capacity. Wow, lucky you.

    What a ridiculous spelling error! Did your educational instincts bring this mistake to the notice of the pilot?
    Cheers - well done, Diane.
    Colin (HB)

  9. As always ...some great photography.
    I have pased this link on to friends who were there not too long ago when the countryside presented a very different picture. I am sure they would be interested.

  10. On first glance the apostrophe looks wrong but when you think about it it could read:

    The Passenger is not to manipulate controls, ie. Passenger's not to manipulate controls.

  11. Wow -- I would think this leg of the trip made up for the few minor disappointments earlier1 Absolutely spectacular, nearly surreal vistas.

    I'm glad Bill obeyed the sign, no matter where the apostrophe was (I thought it was wrong too). Anyway..... my Bill would have volunteered for that seat in a flash as well.

    That picture of the creek is especially wonderful

  12. Hi Diane, very cute that you took birthday bear for a plain ride, was it his first? The view is spectacular
    over lake Eyre. When we flew over there was just a tiny bit of water.
    It is a unique landscape or must I say desert scape?

  13. Great photos Diane.... just as I remember it. Bill looks very comfortable up front. Thanks for the lovely memories. Mary B

  14. Thank you Diane, fantastic photos. you've whet my appetite to want to fly over this incredible country of ours as you've done.