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Monday, December 13, 2010

WILPENA POUND (South Australia Part 11)

Wilpena Pound is an unusual oval shaped mountain range forming a natural amphitheatre in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It is not an old volcano but natural mountain ranges. Two running north and south and two running east to west. They were formed by folding, like when you put your hands on a tablecloth and push them together. The name Wilpena is said to be an aboriginal word for "place of bent fingers". No one is sure if it means it is shaped like the palm of your hand with bent up fingers or if it means what you do with your fingers when it is freezing cold, as it gets here in winter.
Wilpena Pound
This is a photo of a poster on the wall of the Resort Reception. We were to fly over it the next morning but it was totally covered in cloud so the flight was cancelled.

The track begins
However we enjoyed a walk into the pound through the only gorge that drains the pound.

The rock formations were so colourful.

The old homestead
In the early 20th century farming was attempted in the pound. Animals didn't need to be fenced other than across the entrance gorge. However, the venture failed after the homestead was washed down the gorge in a flood. This is a replica of the original homestead.

Inside the pound we climbed up, up to a lookout over the floor of the pound. It was huge and breath taking, My wide angle lens couldn't get it all in at once. I had to rotate taking 6 panoramic shots to get it all. Here are 3 of them.

It didn't matter which way you looked you were surrounded.

Then it was back down and through the gorge to the resort. It had been a fabulous day.

Birthday Bear was exhausted too and enjoyed the comfortable room.


  1. Diane, Wilpena pound looks like a tablecloth which has been pushed into folds. I love your walk through the gorge - beautiful big trees forming a canopy overhead. Your photos are spectacular. The colours of the rock formation and the green pound in three parts gives us an idea of how huge it all is. Thanks for the tour. Have a great day. Jo (PS are you still on tour and posting every day?)

  2. Beautiful photo's and interesting history. I love the way you use Birthday Bear in your story, very funny.

  3. what a gorgeous place.

    Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog and if you want to promote Reece's Rainbow and little Olga on your blog, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Lovely photos Diane.
    Disappointing when you go a long way to see something and there is too much cloud, but that is the way it is sometimes.....never mind.

    I changed my blog - do you miss my 'eye', I suppose I could put it back :)where I had it..

  5. I can only repeat myself it looks like in North Africa ! Beautiful !

  6. Hi Diane, what a fabulous holiday you had. I have flown over the Flinders. It is a remarkable area, the walk is fantastic. Birthday bear has a very satisfied smile on his/her? face.

  7. I'm with birthday bear. I felt like that and we didn't do the climb!

  8. I found the climb up to the lip from the homestead to be quite a challenge. It took me ages and I was quite pooped at the top.

  9. The red rock looks like it could be from my part of the world!

  10. Interesting place, Diane. Sorry you couldn't take the airplane ride. Seems like there have been alot of things cancelled during this trip... BUT--the hike looked neat--and you got some great pictures.... (I know about those up-hill hikes!!!! Pant Pant!!!! ha)


  11. What a fascinating mountain formation. Your photos are beautiful.

  12. Really great trees and I love all the history..imagine having your homestead just washed away...

  13. Diane, beautiful scenic shots. I really love the trees and the colors on the rock are beautiful.

  14. A great report on the walk across the Pound Diane, it's definitely worth the effort isn't it.
    Love your photos.
    Hmmm perhaps you're pushing Birthday Bear just a teeny bit too hard? She does look tired :D