Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We left Burra and arrived back in Adelaide a few hours later. Our tour was over except for a farewell dinner and a night's stay in the Stamford Hotel. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia but one of the smaller capitals in the country. It has an interesting history in that there were never any convicts sent to Adelaide. It was a planned city for free settlers. It was planned before any Europeans lived there by Colonel William Light in 1836. He arranged Adelaide on a grid with wide roads and surrounded by parklands, as you can see below in this photo from the net.
Adelaide was known for its churches and parks but now it is known for its arts and festivals.

The next morning we went exploring by tram as our flight home didn't leave until after lunch.

We ended up at Glenelg Beach. The suburbs have now reached the coast of Gulf St Vincent. As it is a gulf it is not a surfing beach but it doesn't stop them having fun. It was the last week of school before the summer holidays and there were many school kids on excursions to the beach.

The weather was overcast but very warm. It gets very hot in summer and quite cold in winter.

It is a calm, clean, liveable city with only just over one million people.

We had a coffee and said goodbye to our friends who were on a later flight and headed back to the city.

The main street is Rundle St, which is a mall closed to traffic

They have a few pigs in the mall. They are very good sculptures in all different poses. One has his front trotters standing up on the edge of a rubbish bin, with his snout in the bin.



  1. ahh Adelaide. i'm quite fond of it. :)

  2. Great work Diane - a real odyssey of your travels. Makes the likes of Homer's Iliads, the Odyssey, the Homeric Hymns and other works -at times look like second rate.
    One can but hope that your efforts are appreciated and comments on such are mature!
    You have made me proud that I know you and Bill as friends. Lunch sometime before you leave for the up-coming nuptials on the delightful - Mornington Peninsula?

    "Yellow Mellow"

  3. Adelaide looks and sounds like a wonderful place. I like that little piggy!

  4. I would love to live in a great city - next to the beach. I may have to move to Adelaide. xxxxx

  5. It was trip down memory lane for me. I took my photobook to look at my pictures and I had the pigs too and several other views of Adelaide. Thank you for sharing.

  6. You have the most amazing adventures; thank you for taking us along.
    The piggy looks like he's about to tell you something! Such a cute picture :)
    ☼ Sunny

  7. It looks a clean, smart, interesting city - I like all those green areas round it. A major city with a beach must be fun, that doesn't tend to happen here.

  8. I love the way the city is laid out. It even looks like it has some organization to it.

    And I want that pig! :)

  9. Adelaide looks like a wonderful city, Diane... Thanks for taking us on your tour of this area of Australia...

    I heard today that a boat filled with refugees headed to Australia, hit rough waves and tore the boat up. Lots of people died... That is so sad .... BUT--does your country have trouble with refugees sneaking in --like we do here?????


  10. Betsy, that's a global phenomenon, refugees entering western counties illegally.

  11. I am learning so much about Australia from you, Diane. Adelaide looks like a very pleasant place to live.

  12. Diane, your taking us on your trip with you has been such fun. Have enjoyed it all. Thanks you for sharing!


  13. You must have been feeling lonely chatting up pigs. I've so enjoyed your trip. We didn't make it to Adelaide but it will be forever a'delaide for me after listening to Lady Tom Tom.

  14. Adelaide looks like a wonderful last stop on your trip. It looks like a beautiful city with some very nice beaches.

  15. That's a great sculpture - last pic.

  16. Thank you for the link to your photos, thank you for sharing your adventures! I'm getting excited to visit Adelaide, especially after viewing these! It's getting more real now that I'm actually seeing these.