Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Christmas is a time to celebrate and we have been doing a little of that lately. 

Back in the 70's I belonged to a Playgroup. We still meet for a dinner twice a year and brag about our children and grand children. This is our Christmas get together at a boutique restaurant in the trendy suburb of New Farm. We had our own private little room. Unfortunately, there were quite a few members who couldn't make it this year.

A new branch of the Brisbane U3A has just formed in our city of Logan. We belong to the camera club. This was a Christmas party for all the different groups: French, German, Spanish, Latin, English, Writing, Tai Che, Philosophy, Psychology, Silk painting, Painting, Bible Study, and Walking etc. The coordinator was giving us a talk. It was held in a meeting room in our local Library free of charge.

Then Birthday Bear insisted on a Christmas party for her group of wrinkly friends. We went to a cafe in a historical village, museum in Beenleigh. The cafe was on an old railway station.

She was dressed aptly as a Social Butterfly. She also had a bag of presents for us.( I think she had some help from Ann)

Ann's daughter, Tracy,  gave Birthday Bear some glamourous eyelashes. I love the way other people enjoy joining in the fun of the Birthday Bear tradition. (she even has her own blog)

The very next day we were at another Christmas party. This time we were at the Alexander Hills Hotel with the Redlands U3A Camera Club.(yes we belong to two??)

We are sitting with friends Bill and Ruve (at the end of the table), who we met on a wine tour. They introduced us to the Camera Club.
The other couple Sue(next to me) and Peter (hidden behind Bill), happen to be on the same tour as us to Lake Eyre. We bumped into them at Adelaide airport at the start of the trip. What a coincidence!
Four parties in 2 weeks not bad for oldies.


  1. what was on the menu? I was on the Gold Coast last Christmas, I had lots of prawns. Yum!!!!! and mangoes.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog by chance...well, truth be told & more to the point...couldn't resist the name, so came to check you out ;)

    What a coincidence - you live in Brisbane! My sister and brother-in-law settled there (10 years now) from the UK (originally expat South Africans) and my retired parents live in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

    At 56, I still have some catching up to do in terms of age it seems, but I do love what you get up to and my gosh, but you and Birthday Bear certainly are party animals! My folks are also always doing something fun with the folk from their retirement village :) Back here in SA, my husband and are are sole "custodians" (all the other family members left SA a long time back!) of my 94 year old father-in-law, a gamely man who continues to maintain his independence fiercely.

  3. Party on ! Where do you get your energy from ? xxxxx

  4. Wonderful stories about your trip through the South of Australia
    I especially like your shirt with the poinsettia I think. Is Christmas time!
    Have a nice day, Diane!!

  5. Wow ---lots of Christmas parties... How neat... I've been meaning to ask you about your friends in the Birthday Bear Group I think who have been ill (at least one of them)... How are they?

    Wow--that Birthday Bear really dressed up fancy for the party... Think she was the 'bell of the ball' for sure...

    Love your Christmasy Poinsettia blouse, Diane....

    We are extremely busy this time of year also. Haven't even had time to read many of our Christmas cards yet.

  6. It's the perfect time of year to reconnect with old friends! Diane, I love that you and Bill are so active, so involved, always learning, always spending time with people. You are like two little energizer bunnies, that just keep going and going and going. You need to change your blog title, because you are NEVER going to get old.

  7. Partying, what else would we expect from your Diane! Only a social butterfly could outdo you.

  8. You have a lovely social life, I saw the birthday bear's own blog, very cute and funny!

  9. "We have been doing a little of that lately.." must rank as THE understatement of the year! It all looks so much fun though.

  10. Happy gatherings and super photographs. Love Birthday Bear's new eye-lashes. I really could do with a pair of those.

  11. You maintain such firm links with friends from way back - that's really nice!
    Birthday Bear was totally in her element. Long eyelashes definitely maketh the Bear ;-)

  12. You start your parties early !! I love the outfit of Birthday Bear how romantic ! Did he bring an iron along for your wrinkles ?

  13. What a wonderful network of friends you have! You've certainly been enjoying the parties lately!

  14. Reading this post, I could almost think of you as social butterflies. I don't know how you find the time to be in two camera clubs. You are much better organized than I am.

  15. Oh my goodness, Diane you and BB (I mean both of the Bees) are social butterflies. Good on you to make the most of "party time". Happy days T.

  16. Y'all are having tooo much fun ;>))

    The bird and flower mosaics in your other two posts are beautiful! Your two photo clubs have a couple of experts as members in you two.