Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We left lake Eyre and Marree and headed south back to Adelaide but we took a different route from the one we took going. We were going to visit The Flinders Ranges but first we stopped at Beltana Station for morning tea and a tour.
Beltana is a working sheep and cattle station.

We had morning tea in the shearing shed which gets converted into a cafe and souvenir shop when the tour coaches arrive. Bill got a kiss from the pet alpaca called Chocolate.
It was very cute and followed the owner around like a dog.

Beltana Station is 1,876 sq km and it was established in 1854. It was used as a starting point for many inland explorations. They used to breed camels but I think these are feral ones.
The homestead
The buildings date back to 1860 but they are being renovated.
Overseer's house
The cottage is used as accommodation for tourists now.

The shearer's quarters.
Used for tourist accommodation when it is not shearing season.

The contractor for rounding up the cattle had just arrived. He has an ultra light aircraft and a motor bike. What happened to the drover and his horse???


  1. Looks a lovely place there Diane.
    The Drover and his Horse!!!

    I once saw a Drover & his Horse sitting underneath a big tree talking on his mobile phone, with sheep wandering about.
    I then thought that is a modern what you have seen, is an Ultra Modern Drover :)

  2. Chocolate the alpaca is ADORABLE!!! That is a beautiful homestead, all in stone. I guess when you have a station as big as that, it is helpful to have motorized equipment for rounding up. :-( I want the drover and horse back though.

  3. I love the Alpacha. I find this tour fascinating Diane - its just how I imagine the outback to be. xx

  4. Thank you for the camel photo....they are wonderful creatures. And so is that sweet little alpaca, Chocolate!

  5. It's interesting that rounding up cattle has gone high tech. Chocolate the alpaca is definitely a cutie.

  6. I saw the station but didn't call in. That's where I got my photo of a camel too, though I saw some others out near Silverton as well. Shearing sheds are such evocative and photgenic places.

  7. The alpaca is gorgeous.
    Beautiful homestead and surrounds.

  8. A wonderful "chapter" in the saga! The llama is a charmer (well, so is that guy it is kissin ;>)...

    I just caught up on the lasts three installments includin this one and your aerial shots are marvels. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. HI Diane, Looks like you can call that a multi-purpose building... ha ha .... Love seeing the Alpaca... Such a cutie... I've heard that they make great pets.

    Thanks for sharing the Beltana Station with us.

  10. The homestead is absolutely beautiful...and I love chocolate!

  11. Now I also want an alcapa ! so cute ! I have seen a farm in England when we drove through the little villages along the sea. We first thought we were crazy ! an alpaca in England on top between cows !!

  12. I've been noticing your blog posts but today is my first chance to catch up on them. They have caught my attention so much because SA is my second home, Mum's family are all in SA and I spent many summer holidays in the state visiting and touring.
    I've enjoyed all your vacations around the world but it is very exciting to see an Australian tour being posted and to see reactions from readers around the world.

  13. I used to work on a small sheep farm. And each year when the shearer came I used to get sick and have to have the day off school.

  14. Diane, very interesting tour on the sheep farm and I love the alpaca. It is just SO CUTE!