Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We returned to the plane after our walk in the desert and boarded for our flight back to Marree going over the flooded Cooper Creek, which is still emptying water into Lake Eyre. However I was a bit apprehensive when ...........
.....I saw who was piloting the plane.

We flew over the parallel sand dunes, there are thousands of them stretching from north to south and held in place by the vegetation.

Then we saw the famous Birdsville Track. Now it is an inland dirt road going through desert country for over 500 kms from Maree in South Australia to Birdsville in Queensland. It used to be a sandy, rocky track for many years needing high 4WD trucks to get through. It supplies the outback stations with mail and freight as well as cattle trucks going to the southern markets. Drivers must be well prepared with water, petrol and spare parts before traversing this difficult road.

Then we spotted Coopers Creek full of water heading for the lake.

In places the river has runneth over and spreads over the desert turning it green and attracting bird life. We saw flocks of birds flying low over the water but I couldn't get a shot of them.

The water had washed over the Birdsville track making it impossible to drive through.

However a detour road goes around the flooded area and crosses the creek by a punt. It is a novelty for the punt to work as the creek is usually dry. The plane had been flying very low so we could get a good view of the wetlands.

We left the floods and climbed higher over the colourful desert and headed back to Maree, where we would have lunch and a tour of the town.


  1. Diane, Lovely to read and see the scenery of our country....thanks for sharing and keep having a lovely time.

  2. I love your travels - what exciting pictures. xxxx

  3. Brilliant photos! The next best thing to being there. I have been enjoying your trip tremendously. Thanks ever so Diane.

  4. Judging from your beautiful pictures Birthday Bear did a great job of piloting the plane.

  5. Ha ha... Did the co-pilot get her flying licence?

  6. Everytime I visit your blog, I learn about something new. Thanks Diane, I'm enjoying touring your country with you. Have a great day. Jo

  7. Despite many things being dropped from your itinerary you are still seeing some very interesting sights. It looks wild country.

  8. What a great tour. Thanks Diane. Great pics.

  9. Diane, I love seeing all these pictures!! I have read Alan Mooreheads Cooper Creek.

  10. What interesting terrain, Diane. Some of the area looks like it could be in another planet or world...Loved seeing the colorful part o of the dessert as you headed back to Maree.

    BUT--I enjoyed seeing that rugged road to Birdsville... I'm not sure I would EVER want to travel on that road...

    Thanks for sharing such a unique part of your country. I had never heard of this area.

  11. Stunning images, a wonderful sight the iconic inland

  12. Well "Lizzie" and her "Insomnia", we have in common - MOVIES - 4 of the 5 I have on DVD's and I love them - I do not have "Citizen Kane".

    Cheers Lizzie.
    Good reporting Diane.
    Colin (HB)

  13. I've just looked through all your posts on this subject..... wonderful you could make the trip, and your reporting is enthralling... such spectacular photos to bring it all to life for us.

  14. Great to see it a few months on. Much more red soil showing.

  15. Beaut photos - fascinating to see aerial shots of that country.
    What a lot of water!

    BB looks real cute behind the controls :)

  16. I love your cute pilot. Awesome shots from the place, Diane! I'm sure the birds and other wildlife would be attracted to all that water. Beautiful photos and a great trip report.