Brisbane, QLD

Monday, June 28, 2010


In future posts I would like to show you more photos and give more info on the places we visited on our mystery tour around Queensland (and hopefully a map if I can work out how to do it.)
Gympie is a small country town 106k north of Brisbane. It has 16000 people. They grow crops, especially pineapples and they produce dairy products. Gold was discovered there by James Nash in1867, which helped Queensland climb out of debt at the time. The town was known as Nashville at first but then changed to Gympie, coming from the aboriginal word gimpi-gimpi meaning 'stinging tree'.

We walked around the city park-Lake Alford Recreational Park. It was a grey day.

Australian native Black Swans.

I don't know ducks hopefully Colin the duck specialist will tell me. Thanks to readers I can add that it is a Mallard Duck.  

A sculpture of Gold Diggers by Herman Husman stands in the park.

Just outside Gympie we drove up Mt Kanigan, where our friend George grew up on his parents farm. He told us stories of walking down to school in the little settlement seen in the distance and then the hard walk back up the mountain.

George also told us how he had to transport churns full of cream down the slippery dirt road behind a horse on a dray when he was a young boy. He said it was hard stopping it going too fast and spilling over. However, they had a wonderful 360* view from up there.

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Click on the minus sign to get an idea where it is in relation to Brisbane.


  1. You are the ultimate gypsies! I reckon you should paint a Leyland Brothers logo on the side of your vehicle..."Travel all over the countryside, ask Bill & Di...."

    And a BIG HAPPY 21ST!!! (Belated of course). I hope your adventures continue year after year.

    Jeff and Jez are off to Cairns again soon, so will be putting on their token FNQ caps again....



  2. Great photos of a great little spot in Qld. I used to spend many a school holiday there visiting with my father's family ... thanks for reminding me about just how lovely a place it is.

  3. The view from Mt. Kanigan is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing more of your travels, stories, and the map. (which for a geography nut like me is better than a piece of chocolate cake!)
    Pineapple fields..... that brings back good memories for me.

  4. What a gorgeous view from Mt Kanigan!
    Great photos!

    Thanks for your visiting and comment.

  5. Yes please. More of the trip. I like that sculpture.
    We're lanning to get to Gympie sometime this year as my brother in law has moved into the district.

  6. Love it when you educate, delight and generally put a smile on my face! Keep 'em coming!

  7. Thanks for letting me know you're back. Your mystery duck is a mallard, we have lots around here, and have even fed them in our yard. The black swans I have never seen, they are so different with the red bills! Your header is beautiful. The sand and water look just as smooth as glass! I did scroll down and see the parrots, you got some amazing shots!! Each time I tried to pick a favorite, the next one was better. If that had been me at the parrot show, I'd probably have posted 100 pictures!

  8. Hi Diane, I'm glad you told us how Gympie got its name!!!! I was going to ask!!!!!

    George really had a long hike up and down that mountain, didn't he?????

    Glad they struck gold there --which I'm sure helped the entire country.

    Beautiful picture of the Mallard... AND the Black Swan is gorgeous...


  9. Yes the duck is a MALLARD.

    When I first came to QLD, I spent many a great weekend with a friend and his family from Pindiu/Finschhafen days in PNG on their passionfruit and hobby farm - horseriding etc. I didn't enjoy the harvesting of the passionfruit - up and down hills infested with snakes!

    Colin (HB)

  10. What a lovely place and so interesting ! I wished I could have lived the times where people were digging for gold (but only for a day, lol ) Congratulations that you managed to put the map !

  11. Fabulous photos, Diane! I enjoyed seeing the beautiful vistas in the last two but I wouldn't want to be driving on that narrow rwisty road!

  12. Thanks for giving others a peak at our wonderful little town and the surrounding areas. You have some great photos - you should see the town in full flood. Happy camping :) Les