Brisbane, QLD

Friday, June 11, 2010

Soon Be On The Road Again

On Monday we leave on a mystery road tour into the Queensland countryside. The Birthday Bear Group decided to have a holiday together to celebrate two birthdays in June. (Mary's and mine). One of our group (Ann) has organised the trip but won't tell us where we are going. We are hiring a Tarago people mover  with plenty of seats for us. The group has dwindled as Chris and Bob are away in Townsville and Helen and Paul can't come due to Paul having chemo therapy. However Birthday Bear is getting excited about the trip and has packed already. 
"Now have I got everything?" 

"Ann has made me two new outfits  one for Mary's Birthday and one for Diane's. I hope she has included some long pants and jacket because it's gonna be cold out in the country. This fisherman's outfit which I have on is not going to be warm enough."

 I have my very own photo on the travel label. Everyone has to have one. It says, "Birthday Bear's Mystery Walks Tour." Only 3 more sleeps to go...wheee.


  1. Birthday will certainly be chilly in that get up. A mystery tour with friends ... that sounds like heaps of fun.

  2. Diane having just read the previous post I understand fully the significance of the change to adventures before whatever.
    I am so very sorry to hear about your friends but reminded of the wonderful memories of friendship and travel that they will always carry with them.
    Enjoy the next adventure. I trust I will have the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday closer to the day.

  3. This is so cute, Diane. The suitcase is a nice touch. It's very funny.

    Yes both lads were from Queensland. I was fiddling around trying to remove the new blogger template designer. I think I've mucked up the code, and have posted on blogger forum. I hope they can help me get it back. Meanwhile, I'll post on my other Melbourne blog - "Melbourne and Surrounds"

    Melbourne And Surrounds

  4. Wishing you and Birthday Bear a great trip Diane. Also wishing your friends who can't go the very best.

  5. You guys are just having WAYYYY too much fun!!!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Travels.

  6. Aw, birthday bear is so cute. Have a great time! Safe travels.

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday month, Diane. Birthday Bear seems excited and ready to go on your 'mystery' trip..... Can't wait to hear all about it when you all get home.... ENJOY...

  8. A mystery tour, what a great way to celebrate two birthdays. I can tell Birthday Bear is very excited about the trip.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your destination.

  9. Now I understand (finally) the Birthday Bear thing, lol ! What a great idea ! So you are going nowhere, I would love that. The bear is quiet tall, I didn't realize that. Congratulations to the costume ! He looks very "tourist" !

  10. Happy Birthday! Birthday Bear is very special.

  11. Gotcha ... had to ask BB where youse were orf to ... but remember now ... sounds absolutely terrific!

    Have a ball. I know I will. Shall compare experiences upon our joint return!

  12. How fun and how wonderful for all of you to go on a "mystery tour"! And Birthday Bear? It that the CUTEST bear with it's hat..crocs and luggage? How FUN!