Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It is the last day of our mystery tour and I thought we would be heading home. I was wrong. We left Scarborough Beach and headed towards the Glasshouse Mountains where Ann had booked up for us to see a Parrot Show at Parrots in Paradise. Dail has a collection of parrots from all over the world. She breeds them, sells them and puts on a show to educate and entertain guests. She has trained some of the parrots to do tricks. She maintains the the birds are not forced to do anything they don't want to. She says they actually enjoy playing and showing off. Here are some photos of the birds, unfortunately I am not sure of the names of all of them. They are certainly beautiful and clever birds.
I think these are Eclectus Parrots found in New Guinea. They are unusual in that the female is the brightly coloured red one and the male is the green one. However the male is also colourful in that it has blue wings and red underneath.

This is an Australian Galah, we saw many of them on our trip.

It is an Australian Red Tailed Black Cockatoo.
 Major Mitchell Cockatoo. It is bright orange underneath

The one above was a character, it is waving to us.
This X rated pair are Alexandrines. There were lots of them and they were the ones that put on a show for us doing all kinds of funny tricks. I think they come from Asia. After the show we were really on our way home. We dropped off Mary first then Ann and George. George followed us in his car while we returned the hire car and then he dropped us home.
WOW! What a fun adventure.


  1. Hi, all Blogger fans of Diane, I am Ann, the novice tour director for the Birthday Bear Mystery Trip. A BIG THANK YOU to all who have given me praise for a job which was an absolute pleasure to undertake.
    Doing something for a great group of friends to help celebrate birthdays was a much bigger assignment than I had envisaged.
    Seeing the absolute joy radiating at each new surprise, was really pleasing for me, and made the effort well worthwhile. (I now have new found respect for 'real' tour directors.)
    Now some thanks of my own:-
    To Diane and Mary:-
    thank you both for having birthdays so close together, which enabled us to have a lovely holiday together.
    To Bill and George:-
    our alternating drivers and navigatore, BBQ chefs, oh! and to Bill our chief dishwasher - thank you both for covering over 3 000 km without a hitch.
    To Birthday Bear:-
    for being the only one of the group not pestering daily to try to find out our destination - THANK YOU.

    Thank you all for being great travel companions and going with the flow when weather was a little unseasonal.

    Ann J

  2. Diane, what a great time. I would have loved the parrot show. they are so colorful and cute. Happy Belated Birthday, Diane!

  3. What a spectacular finale to your great adventure.
    I've enjoyed sharing it with you, as best I could, as I am away myself.
    All the best.

  4. I love parrots, especially when they speak. I have seen parrot shows several times in Tenerife/Spain where they even rode a bike, lol !
    So your tour is over, it had been real nice !

  5. NOTE to ANN: You are one terrific lady.... What a fabulous trip... Makes me want to move to Australia and join your group!!!!!

    Hi Diane, Loved hearing all about your Mystery trip... Hope you had a fabulous birthday... I'm sure that you did.

    The parrots are gorgeous... Love those colors... My favorite one is the Australian Galah... What a beauty!!!!

    Have a great day.

  6. You had such a fun trip! It is always nice to come home again though, isn't it? Aw, I love all the bird photos. We used to have a pet parrot when I was a girl. (during the years we lived in South America.) He didn't do "tricks", but he could say several words, and he liked to have his head scratched, just like a cat does.

  7. What a fabulous holiday - what a fabulous idea to have a holiday like that too! As for those parrots- well, you couldn't dream colours like those, could you? Nature is amazing.

  8. Happy Birthday to all, and can we do the Parrot Show for my birthday on January 7th? I'm ready.

  9. This has got to be one of the best tours..with the best friends and the best bear!
    Now, for those birds...amazing! It seems they were painted by the best artist..God Himself!

  10. Lovley birds Jan did any of them talk?

  11. WOW! Diane, I would have been in HEAVEN there! (And picking up all the loose feathers for my collection!)

    The mystery pink galah is a Major Mitchell Cockatoo - the first parrot I ever painted after my Artescape course in Cairns.

    You have been extremely, amazingly busy I see - I must catch up on all your other posts - I've been M.I.A for a while, but am back on deck now.



  12. Chrissy, Yes some of them could talk and copy noises like the telephone. BTW you have me muddled with Jan easy done in blogland.

  13. Startling colour of these birds...belated Birthday wishes...

  14. All of the birds are delightful, what a wonderful conclusion to your trip.

    Ann, I am still in awe of the planning you must have done to prepare for this fabulous trip. Well done.