Brisbane, QLD

Friday, June 18, 2010


We arrived in Cania Gorge last night, the frogs were in chorus and the birds were singing. This morning Mary took bear to visit Cania Lake in the gorge.

The lake was pretty.
A big kangaroo was nearby.

Then we took bear on the Shamrock Mine walk. 

We came across some cows on the track, bear huddled down into Mary's backpack a little scared. 

However, she was all excited to see the old mine shafts and had to be watched carefully so she didn't fall down one of the uncovered mine shafts.

Then we went on another walk through a rainforest to a place called Dripping Rock. We were having a ripping time. 

When we arrived back at the Tourist Park it was bird feeding time, where many parrots of different types fly in from the forest for a free feed. Above are Rainbow Lorikeets and below is a Suphur Crested Cockatoo.


  1. Wonderful photos, Diane! Did bear take some of these photos? Who does bear belong to, your daughter? Very cute! Love the birds and the kangaroos.

  2. Lovely photos Diane, the white Cockatoo is beautiful. You are lucky you can all go for a walk in the bush, I would love to and one day I will, but when that time comes I will have to go alone.

  3. I just read through the last few posts and got caught up... looks like you are having a marvelous time on this birthday bear trip!! Kookaburras, kangaroos, beaches, scones for tea, good friends to talk to, hikes... sounds wonderful to me! :-) And I can't believe that little Fox is already a month old!

  4. Gosh, bear is taking photos now. You certainly are having a ripping time... I'm envious.

  5. What wonderful pictures! Bear is very lucky to be able to travel! I hope that big kangaroo didn't scare him too much, good thing he had his own sort of pouch to hide in. I love that colorful picture of the lorikeets! Are they a type of parrot, or just their own species?

  6. Great photography and reporting, Diane.
    Just for safety sake, don't get up close and cuddily with the brahmans, even if they are cows, or the "old man" kangaroos, unless you can run very fast and climb up a tree like a monkey!
    Ginny, "Rainbow Lorikeets" are a variety of the parrot family. They are easily tamed and are very noisy.
    Keep enjoying yourselves, certainly looks like heaps of fun.
    Oh yes, I noticed that BB has mentioned that the wine supply is getting low, next town - first stop the bottle shop!! ha ha.
    Colin (HB)

  7. Lovely photos diane;) I'm behind with my blog visits and comments. I love the colourful lorekeets. Um, did bear take the photo? Have a wonderuful outing.

  8. Love Cania Gorge, Diane. Beautiful pictures of the lake, the kangaroo, the mine walk, Dripping Rock --and especially, those gorgeous colorful birds...

  9. The countryside is beautiful. Great shot of the kangaroo, did BB take this one too?

    Hope you are all enjoying your wonderful adventure.

  10. Cania Lake looks gorgeous and the lake was beautiful too. I would love to see a kangaroo in person...