Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, June 6, 2010


In 1851 the people of Moreton Bay settlement wanted to separate from the colony of New South Wales and become a self-governing colony. Queen Victoria approved and signed the papers on 6 June 1859.
Queensland was named after Queen Victoria.

Our flag has the Union Jack, the Maltese Cross with a crown.

The capital city is Brisbane.

Our Coat of Arms

Our economy is sustained by Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources

Our animal emblem is the Koala.

Our average min. temperature is 14C/57F
Our average max. temperature is 26C/79F

                                                Our Flora emblem is The Cooktown Orchid.

The area of our state is 1,852,642 sq.k./ 715,309sq.m.

                                                                   Our bird emblem is the Brolga 

Our aquatic emblem is a Anemone fish (Is that Nemo?)

Our gem is the Sapphire

Our team colour is Maroon
(all the above photos are from the net)

Our population is 4 million.
Our nickname is "The Sunshine State"



  1. How nice that my daughter shares her birthday with Queensland Day. Thanks for informing a new resident of what is all Queensland.

  2. Hey. Happy Queensland Day. I was just on youtube the other day looking up Australia'a history. I love the national anthem. It's a place where I've always wanted to see. I need to get a passport for all my traveling dreams.

  3. Lucy: I would love to see all of your country too. I was there for a few weeks way back in 1970.

  4. The temperature sounds perfect - I think I'll come over!

  5. Happy Day! Have a fun time. Queensland is certainly a beautiful place.

  6. I was a Queenslander for 19 months, does that count? Although being an FNQer, I think the rest of QLD though we were the bogan cousins! Happy QLD day!

    Funnily enough, I was reading a book from 1835 that had all the stats of the states in it. Back then WA only had 5007 population. It's our holiday tomorrow - Foundation Day for WA.

    Have a great week!



  7. Happy Queensland day, diane. Thanks for the interesting post. I'm glad you're able to comment on my blog now again! Yes, South Africa is filling up quickly now with the World Cup Soccer around the corner! Have a wonderful week.

  8. Happy Holiday from one Sunshine State to another. (I'm pretty sure that is what Florida is called. I'm embarrassed that I know nothing else about the symbols etc. But we haven't been here long.)

    Your bird looks like a Sandhill Crane.

  9. Yes, we had a great day yesterday not only celebrating Queensland Day but also friend's 50th wedding anniversary.

  10. Happy Queensland Day!
    Your average temperatures sound very mild compared to here but I would imagine it does get a little colder & hotter at times.

  11. Hi Diane! Hope you had a Happy Queensland Day! Would love to have been there...

    Blogtrotter Two is departing Turkey 2009! Enjoy the views and have a great week ahead!!

  12. happy belated queensland day. :) and thanks for sharing those facts and figures. Fran

  13. I'm a Queenslander and didn't know all those facts and figures ... and actually I've never heard of Queensland day either ... so a very interesting post.

  14. What an incredibly nice range of temperatures! Sounds perfectly perfect to me :-) And love all the maybe-to-me-little-known-facts - thanks!

  15. Happy Queensland Day! I enjoyed reading all the facts, and now I know a lot more about your state than I ever did before.

    Your temperatures compare to California's. We are also known for our sunshine but Florida got the name "The Sunshine State" so we are "The Golden State." Probably because gold was discovered here in 1849.

    California also has beaches, but I've never seen any here quite as lovely as yours with all that white sand...

    ...and koalas are much cuter than the California grizzly bear!

    You live in a beautiful place!

  16. Happy Queensland Day Diane. A lovely post and I learned a lot, thank you :)

  17. Happy belated Queensland Day! It sounds like the perfect place to live. I enjoyed learning all the facts about your area.

  18. Hope you all had a wonderful Queensland Day, Diane... I loved seeing all of the facts about your wonderful country... Here in the USA, Florida is known as the Sunshine State.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Happy Queensland Day to you!! It really enjoy all the posts and pictures you share of your sunshine state!! It is my dream to visit Australia someday.

  20. I love Queensland! Hope to visit again someday. I usually say that I wish I were there, but we are having a wonderful (although it will be very short) springtime here in Colorado, so I will save my wishing for later in our year.

  21. I am sure I am late but, Happy Queensland Day. Great post, Diane!