Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Day into the Unkown

We stayed in a cabin in Bundaberg. In the morning we packed The car and Birthday Bear opted for a seat in the back again.
We drove to Bargara Beach and caught the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean. We walked along the boardwalk. I knew Sonya's sister in law lived here so we gave her a ring and she came to say hello. I think she thought that we were nuts having a bear in the car and signs saying Birthday Bear Mystery Tour. 

Then we drove up to Hummock Lookout and we could see over all the sugar cane fields all the way to the sea.

We then went back into Bundaberg and visited the Bundaberg Keg, an information centre showing how the famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer is made. Birthday Bear was a bit lazy today and stayed in the car. Next we visited the Bert Hinkler Aviation Museum and the Mystery Craters. 
No one knows how these craters were made. A farmer discovered them under the topsoil on his farm in 1973. Then we drove further north to a town called 1770 for the night.
Bear was happy to have his own bunk bed in the cabin.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!! I'd love to be with you.

  2. OH .. and those craters are fascinating. I spent some time reading all about them this morning.

  3. It's great to travel and see more of the wonders of our vast country.

    Pity the bus we took to Cairns could not stop so we passengers could take photos like you do.

    The craters look like footprints of the Giants.

    Happy blogging Ma'am.

  4. Thank you very much, Birthday Bear, for taking me along. I am having a great time and, because of you, I don't have to be bothered with taking luggage in and out of the vehicle.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow so you can get out of the back and enjoy the view outside.

  5. Bear is sure getting about. I'd never heard of those craters or the big keg.

  6. This is a cool trip. I enjoyed seeing the cane fields and visitng the other sites!


  7. What a neat "Mystery Trip" you all are having.... the sugar cane field are so interesting. Love the picture of the bench along the water... I could sit there forever.

    Those craters look interesting, Diane...

    Did you try some of the Ginger Beer????

    Love the quilt on Birthday Bear's bed. Looks like he had a very restful day...


  8. Whew - that's a lot of luggage..and whoever packs the car is quite the organizer! So very neat!!

  9. I prefer by far to be nuts then normal and boring, lol !
    What a fun trip and also interesting !!

  10. Colleen nailed it with her comment on the neatness of the luggage. With such amazing pics, I am surprised that I noticed.
    Diane, you have me praying that I am well enough to visit the area and I know just where to go seeking information and suggestions.
    Enjoy the next stage of your mystery tour.

  11. There are some amazing things to the giant keg and wish I had one of those ginger beers right now. Birthday Bear looks worn out at the end of the day!